Quality kitchen furniture — comfort and functionality for all

Quality kitchen furniture in stock and on order

Kitchen – a place where every household is several times a day, and the lion’s share here belongs to homemakers. Cozy and comfortable in all respects to make the kitchen will help the combination of style and quality of kitchen sets. The main thing that will please the hostess, decided to improve the situation in the kitchen, will be high-quality kitchen furniture at an affordable price.

The look of the kitchen no less important, so in the catalog of finished products our company presents a lot of different options for the design of kitchen sets. There is a kitchen in modern style and vintage, as well as high-tech. And classic style is not sunk into oblivion. All furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials, and hence adds a plus to its security.

When none of this is not suitable, rescue service of food to order, produced by the masters of. To make this headset count sketches proposed by the customers. All requests in shape, color and functional characteristics are taken into account in full.

The advantages of custom-made furniture:

  • the cost of making the food to order is always lower than the similar model in the store;
  • a set on order will be made in accordance with the size of your kitchen;
  • ordering a kitchen, you can choose the color, size of the cabinets and shelves, to add extra detail to your taste.

Custom kitchens, will help to transform «the Kingdom of pots and pans» in a cozy place for a family dinner and warm fellowship with family and friends.

Kitchen: a guide to the features

The functionality of the kitchen is a special component of her choice. Of a large and spacious kitchen is the dream of all, but unfortunately, not all are the owners. To all the pans and plates, and various toasters and microwave ovens have their place, it is important to organize the space. Mounted and floor cabinets should open easily and without damage to the main area of the kitchen, the working surface needs to be free to create it the most delicious culinary masterpieces.

Choosing a kitchen set, will immediately appreciate the size of your kitchen. If the room is large, it is possible to pick up headsets with integrated dishwasher and oven. But if the kitchen do not clear up, perfect version of a corner of the kitchen. This method of location allows you to leave free a large part of the territory of the kitchen. And the installation of various accessories in the corner of the kitchen need to a minimum.

Types of sets:

  • island;
  • U-shaped;straight;
  • L-shaped;
  • square.

Made us dishes that involve the acquisition, at the request of the buyer, various kinds of accessories such as: a couch, a kitchen table, set of stools, cozy and soft corners. For the manufacture of products of the company and maintain its durability used materials, resistant to moisture and temperature changes. This is a traditional materials such as acrylic, chipboard and MDF.

Kitchen apron for our headset uses the technology of printing. And additional mechanisms (door closers, hinges, drawer system) is designed using modern technologies.

Don’t miss your chance to order the kitchen from «Golmaal» now, through our official website: holmmebel

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