Quality audio at the expense of noise isolation car

Quality audio at the expense of noise isolation car

Quality car audio the car is a rarity. Many motorists are trying to achieve the perfect sound of their own car audio, try to buy powerful amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers, completely forgetting about the noise. How to get a good sound using the sound insulation, you will learn in this article.

Quality audio at the expense of noise isolation of the car 3

The basic materials for soundproofing

In order to understand how important insulation, the first is to identify the sources of noise in your car. As a rule, the all the noises have on the engine, the friction noise of wheels on the road surface and structural vibrations, which arise directly from the body and its parts. Most of these noises occurs in the audible human ear range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Every single sound can be very loud and intense, but put together, they create a cacophony that not only can ruin the sound of your favorite music, but also seriously affect the mental and physical health. In order to avoid all this is the noise isolation of the car.

Almost all modern salons for the installation of audio using two types of noise:

  1. vibrodamping;
  2. noise.

Quality audio at the expense of noise reduction car 1

Vibrocenter is a sheet material that suppresses the low-frequency component of the noise that lies within the range of 20 to 500 Hz. due to the damping of its amplitude. It is glued on the body parts of the car (floor, ceiling, doors, wheel arches). They are made mainly of bitumen, silicone, or rubber. From the outside the vibration damper often covered with foil which increases its sound insulating properties.

Shumoglushiteli looks very similar to conventional fine-meshed foam, but its sound-absorbing properties are much more. The structure of this material is that it consists of a maze of small empty cells, which absorb the sound waves. The effectiveness of sound-absorbing materials depends on their thickness. They are made primarily from polyurethane foam.

By combining these two types of noise reduction, you can get the car high quality sound. You can do it alone in my garage, and with the aid of professionals. In the first case, you should pay special attention to how tightly glued sound insulation materials. Between them and the parts of the body should not be air bubbles. You must also carefully maintain all the details, so that they did not beat and did not creak while riding. Only getting rid of all extraneous noise, you will be able to truly appreciate the sound quality of your audio system.

Quality audio at the expense of noise isolation car 2

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