Provence style in the interior — special features

Provence style received its name in honor of the French region, located on the beautiful and Sunny Mediterranean coast. Provence style in the interior is the ideal solution for those who above all appreciates home coziness, comfort, and provincial charm of simplicity.

Do the interior design in Provence style

Having made the decision to create a house in the Provence style, should give preference to bright colours, which in space can create an atmosphere filled with summer freshness and positive energy. In the style of Provence , you can use these soft pastel shades like terracotta, white, sand, light beige, plum and milk.

If we talk about the furniture in the Provence style, here are commonly used items, with somewhat coarse and bulky shape. In addition, the wardrobes, cupboards and dining tables usually have an old surface, painted in bright colors and decorated with various patterns and ornaments. More elegant and sophisticated look of the interior can also provide furniture made from rattan and decorated with wrought iron elements. The preference is given to furniture made of natural wood. Vintage grandma’s furniture in here is more than ever.

Special attention should be paid to lighting. Interior design in Provence style is perfectly combined with floor lamps with fabric lampshades, decorated with figures on a floral theme. No less impressive it will look elegant wrought-iron chandeliers for the bathroom «antique».

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