Promising market housing in Pavlodar

In the North-Eastern part of Kazakhstan is the regional center of Pavlodar. The city has a developed infrastructure related to industry, education, rehabilitation. The housing market is active. A lot of options for the purchase or lease of apartments learn HERE.


The primary market for real estate in Pavlodar has great prospects for development. Despite the fact that in the old part of the city near Alyuminstroy and in the railway settlement of the fourth district, as before, are the old houses that require urgent evacuation of residents. This motivates the construction of new residential sectors, which will place the owners of such apartments. The other rooms in new buildings will be available in the free market.

real estate in Pavlodar

Housing construction in Pavlograd continues. The most active construction of new houses in Usolka microdistrict. Contributing to this interest in new buildings in the framework of the state program for the acquisition of affordable housing for needy populations.

Pavlodar is a promising city in terms of employment. The interest in property is also increasing. Special demand among immigrants to work uses rental housing on the secondary market.

Role playing and constant population growth among local residents. With the ability to work at industrial enterprises, increasing the solvency of people. Though to save for an apartment, as before, we have years, even decades, there was a prospect of obtaining a mortgage at reduced interest rates.

Pricing policy in the sector of residential buildings vary depending on:

  • prestige areas;
  • their remoteness from the business and cultural centre of the city;
  • the location of the apartment in a new building or in the old premises;
  • the availability of repairs and quality.

Activity in the housing market

The number of transactions in the primary market and secondary real estate is constantly growing. Real estate firms are working to update information from the owners. It gives an opportunity to choose the normal options for apartments without losing much time.

Proposals for the purchase and rental of apartments, available on our website. Convenient format search helps you to choose the accommodation in all respects.

Real estate in Pavlodar interesting for many segments of the population. Of the customers buy apartments for personal use, others are trying to invest the accumulated funds for their augmentation. In this case, the housing will be rented long term for income.

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