Projector lamps — an essential element

Projector lamps - an essential element

Lamp is one of the main elements of the projection equipment. From projector lamps depends not only the mood of the audience, but also the cost of maintenance.

Properly selected light bulb will last long and offers a pleasant viewing of movies, TV series and music videos.

What a quality projector lamp

Natural spectrum light output. A constant white balance during long-term operation, change power settings, adjust brightness and contrast. Resistance to dust and dirt. Protected from corrosion the contact elements.

How to choose lamps for projectors

Cheap does not mean profitable.

Avoid buying cheap lamps from unknown manufacturers. The original lighting modules, prolampshop/, although they are significantly more expensive, but will last much longer.

The purchase of lamps of low quality, requiring frequent replacement and in the end it will cost more than to buy quality branded items. Except for payment of parts will be additional costs for repair and maintenance of equipment in the service centers.

First of all, pay attention to packaging. Branded lamp supplied in neat boxes with polygraphic made stickers. If the package is unevenly glued, and printed on the household printer labels this indicates forgery. Original accessories are provided with the passport warranty card and operating instructions, certificates. In counterfeit products, there will be none or documentation presented on bad paper with low quality printing. On the packaging and in the documents to the original parts, always include contact information. Counterfeit goods differ by the fact that there is no possibility of self-delivery of goods from the warehouse. Delivery is possible because the seller does not have warehouses and offices. Honest suppliers always indicate the final cost of production. If on the website of the online store stated one price, but at checkout it appears that you will have to pay more, be wary.

The lamp module or a separate lamp?

Today, the major manufacturers in the market supplying the lamp without mounting housings. If you offer to buy at a reduced price lamp replacement to the former use of the modules is counterfeit or leftover stocks from previous years. Find the date of issue. If the new lamp, but without modules it’s a fake. If the date is old – these kits are designed for equipment of old models.

Why is not recommended to replace burned-out lamps in the modules? The fact that the housing is also subjected to intensive wear and influence of destructive factors.

In the process of work of the contact group is gradually oxidized and covered with soot. This leads to increased resistance and heating of contacts. When the temperature is higher than normal bulb wear out much faster. Overheating will lead to the protection and the projector will turn off in the process. When disassembling the housing inside can get wet and dust, possible mechanical damage to the parts. Lamp modules of some manufacturers have a protection system that locks the equipment after replacing the lamp.

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