Private house near lake Como

Private house near lake Como

Private house near lake Como, Italy, pictures of which you see in this article is the result of reconstruction of old dilapidated Villa. Magnificent views and beautiful countryside have prompted its owners to restore the house of his ancestors.

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Reconstruction of a house near lake Como

Reconstruction of the house at lake Como was developed by specialists of the famous Italian architectural Studio Marco Piva. The building, which they received for the reconstruction was so old that they had to build it again. During the construction of the works was rebuilt the fence and completely replaced the roof, fascia, balconies and terraces, interior and exterior walls. Were also carried out plumbing and electrical work. Inside workers dismantled some interior walls to allow natural light into the room.

From the rear facade was attached to the room in which equipped home office. In addition, the architects have created from a small part of the garden is a wonderful outdoor terrace where you can enjoy evening tea. In the end, it turned out that the terraces occupy almost half of the total area of 533 square meters, and the area is 227 square meters. Gardening for balconies, sills and platforms at the bottom of the stairs was the last touch to the landscaping of this private house by the lake. The result was a very bright and cozy house in one of the most beautiful places of Italy.

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