Print photos in large formats — tips and recommendations

Print photos in large formats - tips and recommendations

Photo printing large format need not as often as ordinary photos of 10×15, but only on a large format, fully feel truly good picture. In order to make such prints you will need a special printer for printing photos in A3 format and more. Details on.

Print large format photographs, often needed for exhibitions, advertisement and decoration. A separate area of large format printing is printing of murals, which is often handled by specialized printing houses. As for standard formats A3, A2, A1 and A0, we print high-quality photos of this size possible in any normal Photocopying or being made.

In order to print large photos did not disappoint you, you must comply with the following photos:

permission to print photos must be at least 1440 pixels, it is better to use photos with a resolution from 2880 pixels or more;

– resolution value DPI (dots per inch) shall be not less than 300;

– be sure to ask what format is printing, CMYK or RGB. It often happens that brings the photographer retouched the photo in RGB and the printer prints in CMYK format. As a result of paint on the print are faint, and the losing expressiveness.;

– be sure to specify photo sizes to print or keep the original. It is better that they were in the ratio 1:1. There are cases where when printing «eaten up» several inches at the edges of the image.

Large format photo printing can be on plain paper, photo paper with a glossy or matte finish. Are used for printing self-adhesive film and natural or artificial canvas. The most durable and aesthetic is considered to be print photos on canvas. Such a mark similar to the real picture, and, if desired, it can be placed in a frame or add simulated brush strokes with a special colorless varnish. In addition, stretched on a frame painting is not subject to cracking and deformation.

Printing large size photos is carried out on different equipment and, before to give your pictures in print, please specify all the details. The only way you will be able to print high quality!

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