Print photos from social networks

Print photos from social networks

It is no secret that most people lead an active virtual life, share photos with other friends through various social networks. Now almost no one is albums, because all the pictures are in the computer and the phone. But these photos would have been much more valuable if it was printed on paper, then you would not need to worry that they can accidentally remove it would break the phone, hacked social network, etc. basically, all photos are stored on a social network called Instagram, why not organize a business, the core of which will printing photos. The organization of this business will not require too much investment, so can open it to almost everyone.

If you have e registered in the network Instagram, here stapico/page/instagram-registration can find detailed instructions on how to do it.

Now, of course, increasingly began to appear slot machines, which allow you to print photos from Instagram, but it is worth noting that the most common they are either abroad, or in very large cities, so not all residents available. Therefore, the installation of such fotobook will interest young people, especially in cities where more than a million inhabitants. It is best that these machines were in shopping centers, where every day is a huge number of people. You can also set this in the restaurant, where visitors will certainly be interested in such a novelty, and yet will be expected to prepare meals, can treat yourself with a printout of your favorite photos.

Booths have fairly simple construction, conventional wood frame, and inside it, is a device that is directly involved in the printing of photographs as well as Wi-Fi router which is needed to allow people to enter their social network for photos and, of course, the bill acceptor, because wishing to obtain valuable images, you will have to pay for them certain amount.

Images are printed instantly after absolutely simple manipulations, which handle absolutely everyone. And to make the business more profitable, can not limited to printing photos only from Instagram, but you can do it with other social networks.

A big plus of this business is that you do not need to rent a room or space, it is only necessary to buy a machine, install it in a good location and start making money. Such a machine is not exactly looking to advertise that will again allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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