Primer for concrete – protection from exposure to any external factors

Primer for concrete – protection from exposure to any external factors

Primer for concrete – protection from exposure to any external factors. For construction professionals it is no secret that the concrete base can dramatically deteriorate from wind, temperature extremes, and when applying any finishing material on walls or floors need to dust off the concrete, to increase the adhesion and strength characteristics.

Impregnation of concrete – stage, without which it is impossible to speak about quality of work

primer for concrete

Company Megastroy offers for these purposes, a primer for concrete – applying a primer to immediately get rid of many problems – a guarantee of durability of materials, strengthening loose grounds, no dust, protection from moisture, consequently, the emergence of mold and mildew. Of course, concrete is one of the most durable building materials, but its smooth surface makes it impossible to apply finishing materials with a durability that ensures high quality adhesion.

Primer deep penetration «grabs» tiny particles of concrete, making the surface rough, solid and resistant to any deformation. Depending on operating characteristics, characteristics of the coating and choice of finishing materials used different primers, with more detailed information can be found here.

The primer – selection rules and application technology

The «guru» of the construction business is not recommended to use the same type of primer to every reason our company offers several primers, the use of which gives the maximum effect of the strength of the coating (as evidenced by the appearance of an external lustre) and enhances traction (due to roughness):

  • Antiseptic in premises with high humidity impregnation of the walls with a primer with antibacterial properties is the key to clean, healthy walls;
  • Acrylic primer of deep penetration – a wide range of applications, under coating materials, plaster, mastic, glue and filler;
  • For the application of the plaster – surface must have a high adhesion (adhesion) to a finishing material not covered with cracks and is not deformed.

Any base coat should be applied 1 to 3 times, the use of a brush or roller. The basis is prepared, if there is gloss on the hands leaves no visible traces. A base before application of primer is cleaned of debris, grease, oily substances and removed (if possible) the old coating.

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