Prefabricated houses, in contrast to traditional construction

Prefabricated houses, in contrast to traditional construction

Modern building technologies allow you to build housing quickly, with minimal financial investment.

Prefabricated houses intended for accommodation (villas and cottages). This includes the buildings, the construction of which devoted little time: exhibition halls, hangars and various outbuildings to the house. Apartment buildings are built in this way is extremely rare.

Technology of prefabricated structures

Frame housing. This technology is more popular than others. There are two ways of construction of houses.

  • The first option is to use canadian technology frame construction. Is a robust wooden frame, sheathed with plasterboard on the inside and outside, used OSB-plate. For wall insulation using basalt wool or foam.
  • The second option is to use ready-made panels for walls made in the factory.

In frame construction it is first necessary to lay the Foundation and wait for about a month, when it hardens. The construction of the building will take approximately two weeks.

Wooden houses

Houses from logsand glued and chopped bars, meet environmental requirements and keep warm. Wood allows the house to «breathe».

Modular buildings

Advanced technology of construction of prefabricated housing. Built structure may have one or more modules. The module is part of a finished home has a Foundation, walls, and ceiling. The finished house can be of any complexity. The only restriction is that the building should not have more than two floors. Ready-made modules just delivered to the construction site and produce their installation.

Foam and aerated concrete constructions

The basic material for the construction of such buildings, the concrete mass in an inert state. Such material has sufficient strength, lightness, it is easy to give the desired shape. Even large-sized blocks are very light and work quickly.


These buildings are built from blocks, empty inside, based on polystyrene. After installation, the voids filled with foam. This house has good insulation, however, poorly ventilated. Because of this moisture accumulates inside.

The advantage of prefabricated housing:

  • Environmental safety of the materials used for construction.
  • The speed of construction (the construction period from 1 to 4 months).
  • Cost savings (low cost of home construction and subsequent operation).
  • Security of housing. The Foundation of the building is very easy. It protects the house from shrinking. The walls are resistant to fire, moisture and other destructive influences.
  • A wide range of projects. The use of new technologies and materials allow to build a house with all the wishes of the owners.

Pre-fabricated housinglike what is on the website thanks to modern technology, allows to significantly save time and money.

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