Prefabricated houses – a great thing for the budget option of building their own homes

Prefabricated houses – a great thing for the budget option of building their own homes

Prefabricated houses – a great thing for the budget option of building their own homes. Takes a small amount of time to build home. There are timber frame, modular, wooden, aerated concrete thermo.

The types of prefabricated homes

Frame house

Frame houses are the most popular. They are «canadian» and panel and frame. In the first case, you need to make the frame of the future house. Suitable hardwood timber for these purposes. And then the wall sheathing on the external side OSB-plates, and inside – gypsum Board. For insulation of walls suitable foam. It will perfectly cope with this task. Panel-frame house distinguished by the fact that manufacturers sell ready-made panels for house. They are already sheathed and insulated. Will just have to put them together. That is what a construction company to Build happiness here. Naturally, for such a house, you must pour the Foundation.

Modular homes

Modular homes are a modern form of fabricated structures. It also will be necessary to prepare the Foundation. A module is a ready-made structure with a roof, walls that are fully insulated and sheathed, equipped with utilities such as heating, plumbing and drainage, doors and Windows. Very convenient and quick option. But the maximum height of modular buildings is only two floors, that is, the workers will bring two ready-made module. Once the module is installed on the Foundation, you have to settle it.

Wooden house

Wooden houses are environmentally friendly and looks very beautiful. Made these houses from glued beams or logs. Prepare material for a wooden house about 3 weeks that will be enough for the construction of the Foundation. The walls of the house should be treated with special impregnation to protect the wood from harmful influences of the environment and insects.

Concrete house

Concrete homes are the second most environmentally friendly material wooden buildings. Do these houses of hardened foam concrete. These units have impressive views, but are light weight, easy to process, requires a strong Foundation. But the downside of this design is the inability of such material to withstand moisture and temperature changes. Will have to make extra protection for the walls of the house.


Thermo consist of hollow blocks made of polystyrene foam. The cavity between the walls is filled with foam, this allows to increase their strength. This house is high enough insulation, but it is very reduced permeability of the walls. That is, the house does «not breathing.»

A variety of pre-fabricated houses highly enough. When you select should pay attention to the quality of design, ease of layout, reasonable price and nice appearance.

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