Power supply 12V 60W – protection diode technology

Power supply 12V 60W – protection diode technology

Quality led lighting is each year becoming more accessible and attractive, because it allows you to save a significant portion of funds on electricity bills. In addition, interior designers and landscape widely used for monochrome and color insolation in their projects. However, the led strip cannot simply be connected to an electrical outlet because the device will immediately fail. For it durable and smooth running you need a quality power supply, 12V, 60W.

Power supply for led strip 12V – stabilizer is indispensable

The main task of this device is to convert the usual voltage is 220V in the mains 12V (working voltage of most models of led strips). This process is achieved through a special step-down transformer.

In addition,this unit has a rectifier, which performs a number of functions:

  • Protects from overvoltage;
  • The diode prevents overheating of the equipment and short circuit protection;
  • Aligns current surges in the network.

Power supply for led strip 12V might be:

  • Sealed, it is adapted for the installation of street, pools, saunas, bathhouses, organizations advertising lighting (have small dimensions and weight that facilitates the process of connecting, and the appearance of many devices allows them to be installed in the open areas);
  • Semi-hermetic unit is used in places with excessive dust buildup, and a possible increase in humidity (balconies, loggias, verandas and the like);
  • Outdoor – designed for installation in rooms with normal humidity, however, leaky 12V power supply has a large size and can spoil the aesthetics of the interior. It is therefore necessary to consider carefully the installation location of this unit.

12V power supply in the «Ledstorm» will guarantee a good installation

Buy 12V power supply in Kiev or Kharkov you can online in the shop «Ledstorm» at very reasonable prices. We have a wide range of standard products device type and premium class with improved parameters and characteristics. You can choose a product via the Internet and to order using postal services in every corner of the country. The store units with housing made of plastic, aluminium, open type, AC adapter (resembles an ordinary battery charger).

Many models are equipped with a silent cooling fan to extend the life span of the device. We cooperate with reliable suppliers of quality products, which ensure compliance with stated specifications. The company provides a 2 year warranty on all products.

You want to buy power supply for led strip 12V, but not sure how to connect it? Contact the shop «Ledstorm» – professionals carry out installation of equipment promptly and confidently. Buy a high quality power supply for led strip 12V – bring it to life in unique and unusual designs of lighting solutions.

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