Porcelain wedding – what it is, and how to celebrate?

Porcelain wedding – what it is, and how to celebrate?

Porcelain wedding – what it is, and how to celebrate?

After the first year of living together almost everyone begins to wonder, will there be a second? Most couples get divorced after only three years, sometimes this period is reduced significantly, but there are those who are devoted its second half to the end of life. These people and celebrate your wedding anniversary – twenty years of the date of the painting.

The history of celebrating wedding anniversary

First celebration of long cohabitation, belongs to medieval Germany. It was there for the wedding were invited only relatives, then after the two weeks, the wedding was celebrated again, but in the circle of friends. Exactly one year later, the couple was calling mutual friends to the celebration of a family holiday, third year started calling absolutely everyone, even those who hardly knew. The celebration of each anniversary has become a kind of custom. The East also reported the tradition of celebrating, only here it was quite otherwise – the date was celebrated every eleven years, and in the fourth year we gathered with friends for a great holiday. In Russia, the celebration came later, in the XIX century.

The name of the wedding is gone from China, which has unique properties, is more valuable than other materials that are used as names for anniversaries. After twenty years of marriage the relationship becomes brittle and fragile, and require constant support, as well as any porcelain item. Most often it is on these give happen to quarrel, as children have outgrown the age of the diaper and schools, and General topics, the couple simply is not. Such date is a kind of crisis, which can survive only the strongest and most loving people.

The main tradition of the twentieth anniversary is the table setting. Almost any meal is served in a porcelain dish, certainly new, as the old sets are considered to be receding into the past. In addition, a wedding anniversary is allowed to break the old dishes, not only lifting the mood but refreshing attitude of the new wave. Is mandatory the presence of at least one Oriental dishes. Very useful tea set for 6 buy cheap and donate it to the anniversaries.

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Most often, a wedding is celebrated with family and close friends. There is a custom, during which each guest has to create with their hands a clay figurine to present to the couple. Then the clay was burned, was applied by hand-painting. Now this tradition is not available to all, for its implementation requires not only need clay and paint, but pottery. However, if a holiday is planned interesting and informative – it is possible to visit such a place.

To celebrate the anniversary of the wedding anniversary mass is not worth it. Enough to be a cozy evening with family and friends, devoted to the revision of the old photos and movies, a pleasant holiday table. However, if the couple decide to celebrate their anniversary in a big circle, all you need to competently organize, hire a master of ceremonies, and photographer to verify the quality of service. This often causes many problems because to choose the restaurant need to have for a few months to notify the administrator to sit at the discussion menu. Further, personalized invitations, proper design and decorations, the table setting.

Classic gifts for anniversary wedding anniversary is a services or a variety of tableware sets. An interesting gift would be a designer of porcelain dolls, which will be similar to the hosts of the occasion. This gift can be stored for years, will also be an excellent occasion for the design of the collection. Porcelain dish with a photo also brings a lot of fun in its originality. You can choose an original gift on the website vkorzine.

Wives who are going to give gifts to each other, should remember and take care of the interests of the partner. If the companion likes to drink a Cup of coffee – a great gift would be a personalized porcelain mug with photo. The ashtray will also be a great option. But the companions is better to give boxes and vases, too, of course, porcelain. The most interesting gift for spouses will be an extreme kind of one or the other entertainment, horseback riding, hot air ballooning and jump.

And if the couple is wealthy enough as a gift they can afford a trip to China, after all it is the homeland of porcelain.

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