Pools to give full — fledged holiday

Pools to give full - fledged holiday

Pools to give full – fledged holiday! What a pleasure to experience the hot summer in the refreshing water. Everyone dreams of having a pool? Need not opt for fixed design. There are other types of water tanks. Consider each type in detail.

The pool on the dacha is indispensable in summer period. Summer, as we know, time travelers. Not everyone has the opportunity to choose the sea and laze on the beach. But to choose for a weekend on your favorite country, it always, please. On hot days, and want to plunge into the river or lake. But this raises two types of problems:

  1. the river is far from giving
  2. question is the purity of the water.

The problem can be easily solved is to arrange a makeshift beach in the country.Many gardeners say that it takes a long time. There are a number of reasons:

  • For this design you need a lot of space.
  • High cost.
  • The problems associated with the purification, filling, and drainage.

Experts say that the above reasons be a problem only in case of establishment of a stationary or a deep water reservoir.

In most cases, these pools are installed in the cottages. But to solve the question of the advisability of establishing fixed structures lies on the shoulders of the owners.

Today the modern market boasts a wide range of water tanks.

Know quite a lot of kinds of water structures. They are divided into mobile and stationary.

Mobile pools

Mobile requires no excavation in the ground. Installation is carried out directly on the surface of the earth. There’s a proper option for country houses and cottages.

The pros of this tank:

  • Easily transferred from one place to another.
  • The ease of installation.
  • Compact
  • The relatively low cost.

The main drawback – fragility.Mobile facilities must not be left assembled for the winter. It is recommended to disassemble, dry and in good faith to enter into the room.

Main types of pools

Inflatable pool

The most affordable are the type inflatable pool in the country. It is great for children. The advantages include ease of a tank, compact size, easy installation. They can easily be transported.

The main drawback – fragility. In addition, these reservoirs do not produce larger sizes. Requires constant pumping the walls. Inflatable tanks prone to mechanical damage.

Inflatable tanks are of two types:

  • round
  • oval

Frame pool

Ideal variation – round pool in the country. This form has a better distribution of air and water. Also features a durable frame design. It consists of a frame on which is stretched a waterproof film. Reliable options such pools can be found by following the link > online store Aquapolis.

Advantages: reliability and long service life (7 to 15 years). Pre-assembled pool on a country site it is possible to leave for a long time.

Cons: a lot of weight, complexity of Assembly and transportation. Storage need a lot of space.There are the following types of prefabricated structures:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • wood.

The last option has similarities with the stationary. The maximum length is 25 meters. Plus – the bright and beautiful appearance. Disadvantage – high cost.

Before you begin installing a pool, you need to prepare for him a special platform.

Stationary design in the country

First of all, focus on the main disadvantage of this design is the high cost of installation and maintenance. The list of deficiencies is minimal. The stationary structure is reliable and durable construction. Distinguish stationary basins with concrete bowl or finish. Concrete bowl gives you the opportunity to realize the most unusual ideas.

Addition to all this, cups structures are manufactured from composite materials. This detail allows to ease the process of resettlement design.

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