Plywood for flooring: how to choose

Plywood floor how to choose

Plywood floor is the material that opens many new features like flooring a new floor and improvement of existing ones. Its use as a material for the floor due to many factors. It looks good and easy to install. The material is environmentally friendly, does not require additional processing.

The use of plywood

Today, construction used plywood as the material for the floor, and there is a positive side. This floor does not warp and will last a long time. Plywood can be used as final floor covering as well laid and brushed the leaves look stylish. It can be used as a basis for laminate, linoleum or parquet Board.

Key features of plywood for the floor

  • Prevents the penetration of moisture.
  • Environmentally friendly. Without the use of formaldehyde in production.
  • The quality of surface treatment. For example, sanded plywood, requires no further treatment.

Features Fonera

Plywood floor is durable material from natural wood. During production, the wood veneer sheets are superimposed so that the fibers were positioned perpendicularly. The fibers are glued with a special adhesive. This makes the material tear and tensile strength.

Sheet thickness may be from four to thirty millimeters. For floors use plywood with a thickness of twelve to sixteen millimeters. If you need to get thick floor covering material can be put in two or even three layers.

Types of plywood for flooring

Plywood is:

First grade – no defects.

  • Second grade – possible small defects.
  • Third grade – can be small cracks and knots.
  • The fourth grade only a good bonding of the layers.

For the floor don’t need to buy the highest quality material. You can use the second grade. In this case, the price per sheet will work out the optimal ratio price – quality.

The material can be divided into:

FK – durable, elastic and waterproof material. For bonding of veneer applied urea resin, which is nontoxic.

  • NSH – sanded glued with casein glue. Suitable for hard flooring.
  • SH1, ø2 sanded on one or both sides.


Consequently, when purchasing plywood for floor, plywood second grade will be the right option in terms of quality and price. First grade can also be used, but in this case, the cost is much higher. In dry and warm areas it will last a long time. In areas with high humidity, before installation, you need to put a layer of waterproofing materials. This material is suitable for leveling of existing floor.

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