Plywood FC and its features

Features of plywood FC

Plywood FK is a high performance construction material of veneer hardwood or softwood trees. The composition of the material is also present carbodiimides adhesive that glues veneer. With this component, building material acquires the required strength. Today, this kind of plywood is considered one of the best repair materials.

Among the plywood of FK that are used in modern construction should be highlighted:

  • birch;
  • conifers.

Both materials possess the necessary qualities for use in the construction of the house. Thus, the cost of birch FC is higher compared to the price of coniferous material. This is because the surface birch surface is more durable, and its parameters remain unchanged even after repeated use.

Coniferous plywood of FK light in weight. She has bright texture and moisture-resistant qualities (due to the presence of natural resin). Resistance to humid environment prevents the process of decay or mold on the base material.

Despite the small raskhozhesti in moisture proof qualities and characteristics of strength, other properties of both materials are largely similar. Therefore, only from the buyer depends on the choice of a particular product.

Plywood grade FC

  • Extra – for the manufacture of this grade used wood for the base of the tree trunk. Due to this, the surface is perfectly smooth. This variety has a high price and are made, usually to order only.
  • FC 1/1 – this indicator means that the outer layers of veneer can have more 5 bright knots per 1 m2. However, this material does not contain any damage.
  • FC 2/2 – 1m2 such material contains not more than 10 light knots with a diameter until 25 mm, the Grade allows for the presence of closed cracks.
  • FC 3/3 – allowed here any defects with the exception of rot and delamination.
  • Plywood FC 4/4 – this variety has no restrictions on the quality and quantity of defects. sort4/4 is the most affordable option, plywood FC, which is no rot and has some shortcomings in execution.

Where the use of the plywood of FK grade 4/4

sort4/4 is often used in areas such as:

  • internal repairs;
  • furniture production;
  • the manufacture of packaging and packaging;
  • manufacturing storage and commercial equipment;
  • structural works.

It is important to note that plywood of this grade is easily processed and has improved properties of strength and durability.

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