Plywood: characteristics, brands, the use of

Plywood features, brands, the use of

Plywood is a modern woody material, which takes its name from the famous French word «fournir» and translated into Russian language as «overlay». In fact, such a lumber, plywood, is obtained by superimposing and bonding sheets (leaves) of veneer, observing some rule of arrangement of fibers – cross. To get plywood, you can use from 3 to 20 layers of veneer sheets.

What is plywood?

Plywood refers to those materials which possess the high strength characteristics and is able to maintain its original shape during the entire period of operation. The plywood is easy enough to handle.

Because the process of production of plywood using the adhesive or other binder, traditionally plywood can be divided into the following mark, which indicates the water resistance of the material:

  • WBP water resistant plywood, possesses the highest degree of water resistance. Composed of plywood high in phenolic resins and glue. WBP plywood is used for internal or external works.
  • FK – water resistant plywood, which contains a high amount of carbamide resins.
  • AWF – not water-resistant plywood, which contains only albumin glue.

Modern plywood manufacturers produce the most durable plywood – laminated plywood. Thanks to a layer of the laminate can be made high strength and high quality material, which will have the highest elapsed time and moisture resistance. Recently, the application film faced plywood is gaining popularity, so this material is quite a wide range of applications.

What do the plywood?

Plywood can be manufactured from different raw materials – from a variety of wood species. In addition, nowadays popular not only homogeneous plywood (made from one species of wood). No less common is combination plywood (made of wood). The outer layer of plywood of any grade can be subjected to even further processing, e.g., grinding.

Plywood of any brand is a versatile material that is widely used not only in construction and finishing works, but also in the manufacture of various types of furniture, various equipment, and machinery and many other industries.

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