Plastic panels for walls bathroom

Plastic panels for walls bathroom

Many who want to make repairs in the bathroom, right ceramic tiles for that not everyone. And most such work is not done: the right tools and, most importantly, knowledge. The question is: how to equip the bathroom with minimal financial expenditure, but with good quality?

Such tasks are ideal and inexpensive modern material — plastic panels. They can be used beautifully to decorate walls and ceilings in the room where high humidity, they are durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, the installation of the PVC panels easy to do yourself, without special tools.

Preparation of the working surface

Starts the plastic trim panels with the preliminary preparation of the working surface and necessarily impregnated with primer. If there was mold on the walls or ceiling,you need to pre-treat antifungal. Then you need to mount the frame,which subsequently will strengthen the plastic. Usually it is just from simple wooden bars arranged horizontally. They are fixed to the wall using metal hangers and by means of level are aligned vertically.

The voids must be filled with insulation and cover with film that does not let heat and moisture. The next step is natural ventilation. Thin wooden slats are attached on top of the base wooden frame and have the slats mounted plastic. Due to the constant temperature changes in the bathroom may cause condensation on the walls and the ceiling that’s on him and will protect air space. When the frame is ready, set plastic panels for the bathroom walls.

The first plank should be installed in the corner vertically. Next, nails, screws or staples, if any, to the sheathing is attached to the next panel of the existing «groove». In this way neatly behind each other are inserted all the rails are plastic, clad all the walls. Similarly, you can coat the ceiling in the toilet and bath.

To hide the joints between the ceiling and the walls, decorate their special ceiling plinths matched in color and design.

Keeping a certain distance necessary for the natural circulation of air beneath the panels of PVC (1cm from the floor) in tandem with the installed heater and the porous panels of plastic material, is a specific feature of the installation of such panels.

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