Plasma cutting of metal — a revolution in decorative


The rapidly developing technology of the modern world allow you to build and decorate your living space in a most unusual way. Inexhaustible creative potential, manifested in completely different areas of decorative art, furniture and decor, to plasma cutting of different materials. In this article we consider a new but effective form of decorative skill as plasma cutting of metal.

The principle of plasma cutting

In the process of plasma cutting for metal rezmet/plazmennaya-rezka-metal/, the cutting apparatus is a plasma. Plasma is an ionized gas which under the influence of electricity can reach temperatures of 25 thousand degrees. Naturally, when such temperature effects, it is possible to cut metal up to 2 cm thick. Cut various types of metal from galvanized steel and stainless steel, copper with aluminum. The gas used for plasma production is separated into active and inactive. To active gas include oxygen or air, is used for cutting iron, while an inactive attribute nitrogen and hydrogen, which is used for cutting copper and aluminium.

The positive side of plasma cutting

  • air-plasma cutting of metals makes it possible to process any kind of metal, including refractory;
  • high-speed cutting, significantly reduces the time of execution of works;
  • quality cut, allows us to produce a product with high aesthetic value;
  • it is possible to produce complex types of cutting;
  • the pricing of such works, very flexible.

The cons of using plasma cutting

  • using this cutting method, should be used only metals that conduct current;
  • if the work is not straight surfaces, the efficiency is reduced;
  • difficulties arise sharply if metal thickness exceeds 2.5 cm;
  • it may appear small cracks;
  • you must consider the release of gas and to consider safety.

Application of plasma cutting in the decoration and industry

Of course, such convenient and high-quality production of high precision parts and objects, not left plasma cutting without attention to creative people. The popularity of this method for metal processing, gave impetus to the development of decoration in different areas of life. For example, thanks to the precise data coming from the computer, the machine plasma metal cutting CNC is able to create literally a masterpiece of art. Metal products used in the construction of stairs, fences, railings. also make a variety of small objects, in the form of signboards for shops or signs with street names. Using high-precision capabilities of machine tools that made parts for construction and engineering. In industrial production, this method has been successfully implemented and running for more than two decades.

With all the positive characteristics, plasma cutting sheet metal in the near future will become one of the most popular ways of working with metal, which will greatly benefit both in design and in construction.

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