Pilobolus — shadow of California

Pilobolus - shadow of California

Pilobolusshadow theater from California, which affects their performances even the most discerning audience. Established in 1971, this theater of shadows of people still in the trend. Their magic show forced to doubt the reality of the world and believe in a fairy tale.

The famous shadow theatre Pilobolus has recently brought to Moscow a production of «Shadowlandk». The use of surreal, dreamlike plasticity of shade combined with the dance, and incredible music… This is show, shadow theatre combines the skill of a virtuoso control of the body, elements of circus performances, as well as yoga and martial arts. Tickets for their performances can be bought on the site billetes.

Half-naked the actors are, like origami, crumbling apart like scissors cut shapes czarci. They are an indivisible whole, and the next moment separate living form. Screen, colored lights, a few items… and now shadow gives way to light, Yin flows into the Yang, the wheel began to spin tales, captivating the audience for themselves. In the play the chef who waved knives, change punk, flapping whip, cowboy centaur, spider crab, amazing flower huge Medusa… Girl, when you look at that come to mind Lewis Carroll allusions, turns into a dog and goes on a journey through the land of shadows, meeting on the way its amazing inhabitants.

Looking at the scene, one cannot help admiring the boundless ambition of the troupe Pilobolus. This theatre of light and shade challenge himself, neglecting his opportunities, but it is not tired to watch.

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