Pictures for interior design — designer tips

Pictures for interior design - designer tips

Paintings for the interior play a big role in creating the unique interior. it can be purchased on the occasion of antique and quality reproduction of famous works of art. Each painting should occupy your apartment in a decent place, blending in with the surroundings and causing a fair admiration of friends. It is not necessary to turn your home into a Museum, if you’re not a professional collector or artist. Every picture carries its own special power: the joy or sadness, inspiration or despair. Decorating your house, you need to remember the sense of proportion, to the owners it was you, not things, even the most valuable.

Buying a picture, you need to see how it will fit into the interior and the overall atmosphere, do not have to change the Wallpaper, and along the whole apartment. But if you are a supporter of radical decisions to rectify the situation is easier: it is enough to choose a new acquisition of some detail – curtains, bedspread, or tablecloth.

Thanks to the pictures, you can visually expand or retract the space to «raise» ceiling vertical images or «push» walls horizontal. Always remember that the colors and themes must match a particular room.

In our living rooms typically include a sofa, piano, fireplace. Over them will look great landscapes, especially if you enjoy making paintings in a classic baguette. Types of cities or the sea here would be quite nice. Interesting solution – a modular pattern in the interior: the three-part composition with a larger picture in the center and two smaller ones at the edges.

The paintings in the interior of a bedroom

Bedroom a place of rest and relaxation, therefore it is better to choose soothing. For lovers of glamour will fit exotic flowers and butterflies, romantic-minded natures clouds, cupids and lovebirds. If you adhere to the style of art Deco that will look good monochrome image. Usually in the bedroom place a picture in the headboard. Look good small reproduction above the tables.

Paintings in the interior a child’s room

Kids like bright colors, but too flashy image they will tire. Preference should be given to paintings in slightly muted tones. Will please kids animals, fairytale characters, cartoon characters. Very touching look on the walls of children’s drawings.

The paintings in the interior of the kitchen

Traditionally for kitchen design using still lifes. Image of ripe fruit gives off an energy of abundance. Flowers bring festive mood. It was in the kitchen, in the style of hi-tech, would be appropriate abstract drawings.

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