Picnic how to organize a good rest

Picnic how to organize a good rest

Picnic like it! With the onset of warm days all people dream about getting out into nature, away from polluted and noisy cities and to enjoy a wonderful vacation. Especially wish the residents of cities, who used to be in a hurry, sometimes not being able to even walk in the Park. Therefore, going on picnic, it is important to consider all nuances, to have a good time and get positive emotions.

Having defined the place of rest, compose a list of needed things for the picnic, so that nothing is forgotten.

  1. Bedspread, blanket, or Mat, like the big size so it could fit friendly company. If the street is wet and damp after recent rain, take another, and the oilcloth that can be put under a blanket, and it will not get wet.
  2. Food and drink. Traditionally, the picnic is better and faster way to cook sandwiches, sandwiches, snacks and salads. Definitely need to take plenty of water and drinks, and also fruit. And, of course, what outing without all your favorite kebabs! In principle, the food can take any, as long as the products were not perishable.
  3. Dishes, preferably plastic. It is easy, it is not necessary to wash and carry home, the main thing is to get her behind in garbage bags, which after rest should be sure to take with you.
  4. An awning or large umbrella, hiding from the heat, and the usual umbrellas in case of rain. Even easier to take along rainwear, in the event of bad weather to not be tied down to one place.
  5. Grill or skewers for cooking meat, fish and vegetables on the fire.
  6. Non-potable water needed for washing hands and watering grilled meat.
  7. Knife, cutting Board, corkscrew, bottle opener, wet and dry wipes, towel essential for any picnic.
  8. Ball, badminton, tennis rackets, cards, checkers, chess and other activities that will help you spend your leisure time fun and interesting without turning the outing into a regular feast. You can even invent some games that are best associated with the movement, especially if you go with you children.
  9. If the picnic is held near a body of water, be sure to take a bathing suit, sunglasses and cream, a towel.
  10. Headdress and clothing with long sleeves and trousers to protect themselves from insects, especially mites.
  11. Warm clothes in case of cold weather.
  12. The camera to capture the pleasant moments of relaxation.
  13. A tape recorder with a merry music.

It may not be the full list of necessary things for a picnic, but it covers the main points. If you want the list to expand and add what it lacks.

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