Photoshoot babies at home — expert tips

Photoshoot babies at home - expert tips

Itself a breeding ground for creating a good children’s photo is the photo shoot of the children at home. Child can safely do the usual things: eat, play, swim, watch cartoons, water the flowers, paint on the wall, roll on the machine the cat, not paying attention to the father with a camera in hand.

Even if at first the baby will start automatically pose for the camera, he is quickly bored and he will soon begin to issue real emotions and vivid scenes.

Ideas for a photo shoot at home with the baby

If there is a child, the camera should be constantly on the alert. It is better not to be used for home shooting mobile phone camera, so to. it with artificial light is much inferior to even the most simple dish soap for the image quality.

Baby photography at home does not require detailed prior script. You can shoot during the play. Before shooting a child to cook is not necessary, but you can make some expressive props. For example, lay the table nicely and put on a children’s Cutlery a favorite dish or a real cake. And then you can just sit in front and only manage snaps the shutter.

To offer the child to see a new cartoon or movie about animals. Children often observe what is happening on the screen is very emotionally, which will create a series of surprisingly expressive portraits.

And you can offer a child to do something unusual. For example to try on your mother’s shoes or print three boxes of presents.

The survey point for children’s photo session

Home space, often quite severely restricts the work of the photographer. The frame definitely gets the one piece of carpet, grandmother’s Slippers, the severed head of a doll or other object indiscernible. Better maximize think and prepare in advance of your expected location and, if possible, to eliminate unnecessary objects. You can use plain or colored background for children’s photography.

Often the excess from the frame can be removed simply by changing the shooting angle. For example, a little closer to the camera to the subject or moving to step left-right.

By the way, children are better off in their growth or a little below. Crawling babies photographing lying on the floor.

Lighting when taking pictures of children

The most painful issue of domestic photography is light. Artificial electrical light mercilessly distort the color palette of the images. Built-in flash steals roughly the volume of the image, so if there is no external flash, and natural light from Windows is not enough, you can open the curtains and to cover the built-in camera flash with a piece of translucent paper or cloth, which will transform the light beam into a more soft and diffused additional lighting, which is more complementary impact on children’s portrait. Professional photographers suggest to buy a small softbox that will protect baby from the glare of the flash will provide enough light for a quality shot.

The main way to learn how to produce quality photographic images of children is a constant photopracticum.

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