Photosession for pregnant women — a simple guide

Photosession for pregnant women - a simple guide

Photo shoot for pregnant attracts today almost all but the superstitious. Pregnancy is a miracle of nature. To work with pregnant is an interesting and difficult process, it is impossible to predict their behavior in a given situation. Now she’s laughing, the next minute she’s already sad and puzzled look, it is important to capture the mood and time to adapt to it.

How to remove belly

Remove the belly, which is growing a little miracle, you need a certain angle, emphasizing its advantages and reducing the disadvantages, so you do not spoil the impression of the photoshoot, leaving the most pleasant experience and memories about this moment for a lifetime.

When to shoot a pregnant woman?

A photo shoot is best done at the period of 28-34 weeks, tummy is already pretty rounded out, thus the woman feels pretty good and it is not so hard than at the end of term.

The duration of the shoot depends on the health of women, will the second half be present at the photo shoot or children or animals, usually a photo session lasts at least an hour, it is desirable to contain about three hours, not to much to bore the future mother.

Dress code and make-up

Clothing should be comfortable, not to embarrass the movements, and fits the selected theme. Whether it is a home gown or beautiful lingerie, or bright fabric that covers the tummy, all of this must be combined with place, which is a survey to complete, not individual pieces. It is better to hold a photo session in different images.

Makeup is better to trust a specialist, he sees from the side of your outfit and know in which lighting conditions or that lipstick, eye shadow will highlight your facial features. No need to be afraid, an experienced photographer will be able to beat the picture and realize no need of glare or shadows in your face.

The hair styling is also best left to professionals and not to spare money and time.

Given the fact that the photo shoot will take place in multiple images, the perfect French manicure.

Where to hold photo shoots for pregnant women

  • In the Studio, you can comfortably change clothes, relax, this is very important for a pregnant woman.
  • Nature photos are rich and bright, especially during the summer season.
  • In a cafe or restaurant, attracting the beloved husband and the future father of the child.
  • On the ship, ship, small boat.
  • To travel (historical places, sea).

Accessories for the photoshoot:

  • nipple, bottle;
  • Frame with picture of baby in the womb (via ultrasound);
  • live, artificial or paper flowers;
  • men’s shirt (very sexy and gentle looks);
  • undershirts and sliders;
  • plates, letters, garlands with the floor or have the chosen name of the baby;
  • soft toys;
  • big bow for the tummy;
  • umbrella;
  • books;
  • favorite pet;
  • in a good mood.

What style of photographing pregnant women?

The style of the photo shoot may be different, romantic story, photo shoot Nude, lovestory, with the older children, with Pets, they are part of the family, extreme photo shoot for thrill-seekers. In any case, these memories will last a lifetime and will bring a lot of smiles watching.

While shooting think about the good of your baby, what he is healthy and beautiful, how joyful and bright moments ahead of you, don’t forget to smile more and give yourself and others your good mood.

To preserve the memory of this remarkable moment can help high-quality photos, so it’s best to seek professional help. When the baby grows up, he will be pleased to see their parents in the pictures is happy, and he will know that he is the most precious and awaited event in life.

Photography tips pregnant

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