Photos of Pets – tips and advice

Photos of Pets – tips and advice

Pets, of course, years later, become members of the family. Once when a small animal appears at the house all the family members, there is an excess of tenderness. How could it be otherwise? Probably, nobody will stay indifferent in front of a kind of mimicry of the animal and often funny habits. Loving owners definitely want to capture their Pets, making Pictures of Pets. However, photographing Pets is not so easy. The process of shooting the animal could be compared to shooting small children. Let’s try to understand how to efficiently capture the animal.

Tip 1. Pets – it is not only pupils, but also our best friends. Pet always passed the feelings of the owner. In order to prepare the animal to photography, you need to create a favorable emotional atmosphere. The animal should not experience anxiety or nervousness of the owner. Professionals also suggest to use the flash. But if flash is present, it is desirable to improve the color of the flash.

Tip 2. Everyone knows the phrase «the Eyes are the mirror of the soul» applies not only to people. The most expressive part of the face is the eyes. When photographing the animal it is necessary to remember it. To facial expressions was more expressive, you can draw the attention of the pupil by extraneous sound. This can be a imitation of animal’s voice.

Tip 3. Each of us may not be enough time for thorough cleaning of the apartment or house. We must remember that before shooting the animal in advance to remove foreign matter that can ruin the artistic perception of the environment and to distract the animal from the photo-session.

Tip 4. Experts advise during the filming of «get used» to the image of the animal. The best photos are if they are done at the level of the animal. For this, you can kneel or lie on the floor, or putting the pet on their level of growth.

Tip 5. Image quality it is necessary to «spin like a snake in the pan». Animals are very mobile and restless. So the photographer has to Dodge all possible ways to «catch» a required angle and select the appropriate position that will not frighten the animal. From the outside it looks quite comical, but the result speaks for itself.

Tip 6. The basis of successful animal photography is good light. It is not recommended to take pictures during bad weather or in low light. Correct allows the light to prevent glare in the eyes of the animal.

Tip 7. Restless animals can’t pose for the photographer, this is not a subject photography in Minsk. In order to keep the pet’s attention, it must be of interest. That is why, if the shooting will be held without the owner in advance to find out the taste preferences of the model. This can be a favorite game and a treat.

When photographing animals you always have to remember that all four-legged friends have their own unique character. And when you take a photo with them is to communicate on an equal footing, without raising his voice, move slowly and as often as possible to call the animal by name.

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