Photo tour around the sights of Zaporizhia

I invite you to go on a photo tour around the sights of Zaporizhia. The history of this place has tens of thousands of years. In Kievan Rus knew about the island Khortytsya, which passed through the waterway from the Varangians to the Greeks.

Photo tour around the sights of Zaporizhia

The oldest surviving monuments of Zaporizhia , is the «Friendship Fountain», built in 50-ies of the last century. Due to the fact that the Weather in Zaporozhye is not very strict, he managed to survive almost intact. It is in a small Park in front of the former cinema «Komsomolets» in the street Angolenko, in the October district. Of course, in those years, his monument is not considered, but from an earlier period — the Russian Empire — no monument left, over time the «Fountain of Friendship» became a historical heritage of the city.

Moreover, as seen in archival photo, the monument has reached our time in a somewhat truncated form.

The old building

The oldest stone building in Zaporozhye historians call the two-storey house on Sverdlov street, 21, located immediately behind the Svyato-Pokrovsky Cathedral. Today here is post office No. 63, office of the JSC «Zaporozhstalstroy».

The building is a survivor and was built by the brothers-merchants Zaharina more than 100 years ago. In the old Alexandrovsk this small stone building acted apartment houses — apartment houses intended for renting. This place was among a certain segment of the intelligentsia, who did not want to burden themselves with taxes and duties on maintenance of their own property.

The shortest and the longest street name

The longest street name of Zaporozhian Cossacks, which is in Hortitsky area. It includes 22 letters(by the Way, if the street 40 years of Soviet Ukraine», the number «40» to read words, this will be two letters longer — 24). A street with the shortest name was Kiya lane, which is located on the outskirts of the city, Osipenkovskiy neighborhood, not far from the cemetery. The lane is not named after a billiard cue. His name is immortalized Prince Kyi, the nominal founder of Kiev. By the way, the alley parallel to the cue located his «associates» tab mother of Russian cities — the alleys Khoryv and Lybid.

The oldest Park

The first green zone Zaporozhye — Alexander square located in the center of Oktyabrsky district next to the Zaporozhye national technical University. The main alley leads to the Regional puppet theatre, the balance of which is today the Park. The area of the Park-survivor — of 14 hectares.

The highest point of the city

How did you learn of surveyors, the highest point Zaporozhye — 105 meters above sea level is in the Hortitsky Baburka district. Near the industrial area of the plant «Supertransformation» in the streets of Testers and Sapozhnikova has garage cabinets, and next to them — Kurgan, which is the highest point of Kiev. But it turned out that barrow recently «reduced» builders rethrownew it. However, this place is considered the highest in Zaporozhye.

The oldest cemetery

It is believed that the oldest cemetery in Zaporozhye is located on the island of Khortytsya, near the boarding school № 44. There remained the disposal of the Mennonites of the end of XVIII — early XIX century, moved to Khortitsa still under Catherine II.

A mysterious place

The most mysterious place of Zaporozhye can rightly be called the Snake cave, which goes a lot of rumors and legends. Moreover, the caves with the same name in Zaporizhia already two. Rather, it was two. First, on the island of Perun, after the construction of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station has absorbed water of the Dnieper, together with the island. Old people are word of mouth passed on a legend that Perun «… even before the birth of Christ lived a serpent; he herbal the women and girls, and men devoured. As Christ was born, the snake is cursed, and then he won some kind of hero. The serpent, they say, had three heads and wings. He, like flies, illuminates the whole world, and the fire is still raging».

(«Collected articles of Ekaterinoslav scientific society, 1905»)

By the way, a flooded cave is linked to another legend: it is said that going on long hikes, Zaporozhye Cossacks hid their coffers. Treasure, however, was never found.

Not less legends and mysteries around the second Snake of the cave, located in the Northern part of Khortitsa. Take at least a description of the ancient historian Herodotus, which mentions that in a Snake cave on the island lived the Greek hero Hercules with semeinogo the goddess API, the daughter of borysthenes. In the cave they had three sons — Agathirs, Gelon and Skiff. Last and became the ancestor of all the Scythians and the ruler of the surrounding lands, giving them the name of Scythians.

Although the Snake cave on the island is well preserved to our days, to reach it very difficult. The 12-metre grotto, pass over which may be just one person, located in a rocky cleft at a height of four meters from the water level. Even harder to get to the cave on top of nearly 20 meters on the almost vertical rock will be able to overcome every. In any case, said the Deputy Director on scientific work of the reserve «Khortytsya» Maxim Ostapenko, if in the Snake cave and had some of the treasures they plundered in the XIX century.

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