Photo of Justin Bieber for men’s Health

Photo of Justin Bieber for men's Health

Photo of Justin Bieber for men’s Health will impress all who at the mention of his name represent a sweet boy with a microphone in his hand. The boy grew up and built up a pile of muscles!

Justin Bieber appeared shirtless in a new photo shoot for the April issue of men’s Health magazine. 21-year-old singer graced the cover of gloss. Look yourself in the photo of Justin Bieber and all will understand.

In an interview Justin has shared with readers about growing up and about what she loves in a relationship:

There is a part of me that never wants to grow up. I want to always stay that way… always Want to have this feeling inside yourself. Don’t want to lose this sense of…purity.

About growing up in front of everyone:

I had to grow up very quickly. Almost all of my growing up took place in public, but this does not mean that I really am grown up. There were things that I was supposed to do: to engage in serious conversations, to have a relationship with different people. But there are so many vital things that I missed.

About the relationship:

In a relationship I am always loyal. I like to bring to life the ideas of the man I love. To have a real connection with someone – just wonderful…

Also, I suggest you watch the video where Justin talks about how he has managed to get on the cover of the popular glossy magazine for men.

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