Philippine chocolate hills in Bohol

Philippine chocolate hills in Bohol

Who among us has not dreamed in childhood about the mountains of chocolate! One has only to imagine 1268 chocolate hills of different heights from 30 to 122 meters. They all have the form of cones with equal edges. But there is, alas, impossible. It’s just very rare and strange geological phenomenon that appeared on Earth 2.5 billion years ago. Are these chocolate hills on the island Boholin the Philippines. They were included in the list of UNESCO. Enjoy the mountains better in the spring or summer, during the dry season.

During the rainy season, these chocolate hills are covered with vegetation and are no different from ordinary mountains. But with the onset of the dry season or extended drought, the hills are the same colour as the world-famous dessert. For your chocolate-brown hue, the tourists and called them chocolate hills. The hills is one of the most famous attractions of the island, and even shown on the local coat of arms. The island administration is actively using the fact that in their territory there is a wonder of the world. In the town of Carmen organized the chocolate hills resort. Philippines, price for tours you can visit today is quite small, use these hills to attract tourists. On one of the hills opened a viewing platform, which provides a great view of the entire area. The most perfect review of this amazing places to flying over them in a balloon. Many modern travelers prefer to shoot at the height of the camera GoPro hero4 black edition, which, even in the event of a fall will remain intact.

The exact origin of the chocolate hills is unknown. They consist of limestone. Karst caves inside are missing. Some scientists believe that this is the remains of volcanic activity of our planet. Over time, they just covered with a calcareous crust. Others claim that this area was once the bottom of the ocean, and after drying yielded to the influence of natural disasters, and that was the reason for the formation of such cones. Aborigines believe in a legend that long ago there lived giants. During the civil wars of the giants rushed at each other with boulders. Falling to the ground, the boulders collapsed and was such a handful.

Although travellers from all over the world trying to get here, the island of Bohol is not as popular as the main island of the Philippines is Boracay island. To get to Bohol you can fly from the capital of the Philippines, or Cebu for half an hour by ferry from neighbouring Islands for 3.5 hours by high speed ferry in 1.5–2 hours.

If you want to get into the story and to see a truffle the size of a huge home come and enjoy the chocolate hills.

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