Peter Vetsch architect «earthen» homes

Peter Vetsch architect earthen houses


Peter Vetsch , Swiss architect, author of the famous “earth buildings“. Born in the city of Saxon, in Switzerland in 1943. Today, there are 47 earthen houses built by the project of architect around the world. In his works, he avoids right angles, the shape of its buildings are ideal for saving energy.

Peter Vetsch architect «earthen» homes

(600x381, 116kb)

Residential House Guldimann. Lostorf, Switzerland

Excavation of the house, Peter Vetsch builds which are all inherent in the normal, in our understanding, at home. There are hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. Design project of a private house, built in the ground based primarily on the interpretation of the environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architectural ideas. To create it you must have the survey plan drawn up by surveyor and project your future home. Next you need to do everything on the technology, which was developed by Peter and your site will literally grow a house!

(500x375, 29Kb)

Residential House Schweizer. Flurlingen, Switzerland

(600x250, 65Kb)

(600x363, 79Kb)

Residential House Vetsch. Dietikon, Switzerland

(580x377, 91Kb)

design project of a private box

Earth House Estate Ldttenstrasse. Dietikon, Switzerland

(600x400, 187Kb)

(600x400, 203Kb)

(600x440, 137Kb)

(600x450, 106Kb)

Residential House Giovannone. Luterbach, Switzerland

(600x400, 196Kb)

Residential House. Pfullingen, Germany

(600x450, 159 KB)

(600x450, 137Kb)

(600x450, 135Kb)

Residential House Dolder. Widen, Switzerland

(600x400, 134Kb)

(600x385, 108Kb)

(600x633, 153Kb)


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