Pellet boilers: features and benefits

Pellet boilers features and benefits

To date, the owners of private houses are increasingly began to buy pellet boilers. They have a large number of advantages over other types of heating boilers. What caused such popularity, what are they good for?

Advantages of pellet boiler

  1. The works of a boiler on a special fuel — pellet boilers, or wood pellet, previously subjected to compression. This type of fuel is the cheapest, as well as clean. To give the sawdust of the desired size they add a particular component. The average size of the pellets is 0.5-7 cm long and 1 cm in width.
  2. Pellet fuel is completely unpretentious, unlike wood, there is the difficulty in transporting and storing. In addition, this material does not rot and does not lose its properties. The fuel is made from by-products of the timber, which in turn, reduces overall costs.
  3. In pellet boilers increased heat transfer, due to the process of granulation. After burning almost no waste from wood fuel. The best place for this boiler is private household, because what is left after combustion, the ash is an excellent natural fertilizer for the soil. Pellet boiler has 2 wall, placed between a water circuit, which is required to cool the system from overheating. Formed in the combustion products in the future appear through the smoke chamber. Some models have a rear boiler panel displays
  4. All solid fuel boilers equipped with a special protection system that ensures complete security and eliminates the risk of fires or explosions.
  5. Big term of operation of pellet boilers allow to use them more than 10-20 years. Please see more details here vsterm/sistemy_otopleniya/.
  6. A nice feature of pellet boilers — they do not require frequent maintenance.

The operation of the pellet boiler

On the market the consumer is offered various modifications of pellet boilers. In the more expensive models have a control unit. It can be programmed so that it worked independently, without human intervention. In this mode, the boiler dials found on the burner and turn off. When the temperature level drops to the minimum, the boiler will start up again. Every pellet boiler is equipped with several degrees of protection for the safe operation of the system.

All these facts indicate the following: pellet boilers safe, reliable, efficient, durable, economical and easy to use. That is why they have become so popular and in demand.

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