Pastel colours — rules of use

Pastel colours - rules of use

Pastel colors stand out from others for its versatility, as they can be used not only in offices, but in the expensive suburban homes. While bright colors are annoying and not everyone likes, adding them white color become pastel and will appeal to the most fastidious person. There is only one drawback: the design of the room, made in pastel colours may seem boring. However, the right combination of colors and styles of pastel colours can dramatically change the interior space.

If the original color was bright, its pastel variant will look a little bit colder. When you create the interior you need to pay attention to the lighting, as if his small amount of furniture will be visually darker. Harmonious look of directional light sources and ambient light will make the interior ugly. When using pastel colors, the room will be visually wider. A combination of white and pastel shades will help to highlight the areas of their use, in contrast to the bright color, which will focus on yourself.

Pastel tones in the interior have already purchased a lot of stereotypes. Some people think pastel colors are the hallmark of public institutions such as schools or hospitals. Others believe that the pastel colours may not be original and not remembered. In a sense pastel shades can be called inappropriate, but only for certain styles of interior. For example, it is not the best color scheme for a living room in a minimalist style, because it will give her formality. But Provence, classic or vintage style will look perfectly in pastel shades. It is also appropriate use of pastels for kitchen in country style, a bedroom in the style of shabby chic. Pastel shades will look good not only in modern interior styles, but in the style of past centuries. For example, houses are built, are ideal for projects of interior design in pastel colours.

Pastel colors look good with any texture, but look especially spectacular it is on matte surface. For the decoration of walls, furniture and curtains it is better to use organza, linen, cotton or satin, this will give the interior comfort and expressiveness. Wallpaper with imitation silk or Venetian plaster in pastel colours will add softness and sophistication. Especially nice pastel colors for children’s rooms. For kitchen use pastels fitting in floor tiles, in other rooms it can be laminate or carpet. This color scheme will give softness and comfort to the room. Pastel glossy coating will make the room airy. Dark colors in pastels will be natural and silky, and light will be clean.

Pastel range is widely used in the manufacture of carpets. For example, on the website elite-opt, you can choose many attractive colors such carpets. They will be a great addition to almost any interior.

Using pastel colors for decorating your home, you fill it with comfort and tranquility, the house will be the place where you will want to come back and relax from the hectic of everyday life.

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