Partitions and doors at home

Partitions and doors at home

Any interior can be customized with different walls and doors. They can be decorative, transparent, fabric, interior. Such a strange decision will be felt not only privacy, but also space. The decision to divide the room into zones quite popular. Designers believe that if the right to place partitions, or to deliver highly relevant sliding doors of the character, that not only can save space but also decorate it.

Types of partitions

Before proceeding to extreme measures, and begin to create new walls for what is a combination in the room, for example, a living room and study, the better. After all, there are simple solutions, such as glass or transparent partitions. This method of division of territory into separate rooms will allow without unnecessary overload to change their familiar surroundings. In addition, they pass light rays. Well, if this is glass with small patches. For example, Matt. This will allow the material to look much softer. And it will be fixed or sliding depends on the owner of the property.

In the Studio apartment, for example, can not do without partitions. As it is open plan, most of the starting material such solution would be drywall. And you can come up with options and sliding mechanisms, which allow them to create a sharp distinction, using tinted glass or let it be the unusual mechanical door.

Decorating walls

Alternatively, you can use a nice welcome in the form of decorative screens or partitions. Popular are trim interior partitions of wood. However, not everyone is ready for renovations related to the installation of such structures, therefore, there is an alternative. A special screen at the front. She will become the optimal fence living room and dining room. A few moments and Woo La! More interesting will be to look at such screens and partitions in the case when they are decorated with a special fabric.

Speaking of textiles, it is possible to say a lot of things. Tissue solutions will help to change and decorate any room and the apartment. Want to create intrigue? Well! Oblate wooden frame, slightly transparent fabric.

Or this can be done. To use the sliding screen. For example, let it be stretched plaid fabric bright colors. A great solution to divide the living room from the dining room. Bright prints and details will help to diversify the area in the apartment. As an alternative you can use the partition of the Japanese character. Great decision! Even the most it is possible to construct such. Just fit an steel frame with a thin mohair.

You want everything to look luxurious, it is possible as partitions used wooden doors nature. No less popular today is the sliding partition wall which has become quite affordable to most consumers.

A very noble type of partitioning requires care. Just need to maintain humidity and temperature in the room, as wood is a very delicate material.

New trend is considered to be a special grid made of wood. It will allow you to maintain the room in a consistent format.

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