Particle Board or MDF? Consider the budget

Particle Board or MDF? Consider the budget

Each of us are faced with ordering or buying furniture for your apartment, house, cottage. Everyone knows that the cost of furniture of particle Board (chipboard) lower than furniture from wood-fiber plates (MDF) and this is its main advantage. And the fact that the CPD is afraid of water and very quickly from it being destroyed is the main drawback. What else should we know?

Environmentally friendly particleboard and MDF

Particleboard is made by mixing fine shavings and sawdust with glue and subsequent pressing. The adhesive composition contains epoxy resin and formaldehyde, which is then evaporated over the years. The DSP is 2x types E1 and E2, which differ in the content of formaldehyde. Of these, E1, is considered to be more environmentally friendly especially Austrian or German production, E2 formaldehyde content much more, so it is even forbidden for proizvodstva children’s furniture. The basis of MDF, fine wood chips, which is held together by lignin and paraffin, so MDF in the end is more environmentally friendly.


When you see a new furniture made from these materials, to visually distinguish very difficult. The advantage of MDF is that it does not change the original appearance throughout the service life. Furthermore, it is very versatile. MDF are easy to figure treatment. The craftsmanship and the embodiment of your ideas. Besides, you can always use the special enamel from the company Etimeinc in order to change the color of the panels from MDF.


The density of MDF is almost like the density of the wood. It is hygienic, not afraid of fungi and microorganisms. CPD is afraid of water, so when she gets under the laminating film, it crumbles, blown away and very quickly destroyed. If we turn to the technical documentation, the strength of MDF is 1.5-2 times higher than particle Board.


The average service life quality made of chipboard – 7-8 years under careful treatment, if it’s a kitchen, about 5 years. The average lifespan of MDF of 12 years.


The cost of MDF particleboard exceeds 1.5 – 2 times. The cost of MDF results from the fact that they are coated with enamel, plastic sheeting. Enamelling – the most expensive main plus colors 300 shades, minus the susceptibility to abrasive products and acids. Film is much cheaper, besides the previously reported minus her missing, but there is the other – with constant exposure to hot air and steam, may peel off from the surface. The best option is plastic, which combines the benefits of previous coatings, but does not have their drawbacks. The most durable and versatile but not the most expensive option.

After analyzing the factors in the complex, the purchaser, which protects your budget, choose furniture made from MDF. This statement is confirmed by the following figures. The increase in the production of particleboard in Russia is 13% and 32%, respectively, in Europe 2% and 25% respectively.

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