Parquet in the interior

Despite the variety of different types of flooring, with unsurpassed leader in the market is parquet. In this article you will learn about the art parquet in the interior, will be able to see the most vivid versions of the works of different masters, and also will find a lot of useful tips for the care of parquet.

Parquet in the interior


Artistic flooring in the interior 2 (700x495, 84Kb)

Parquet was used only in palaces and estates of the richest people of Russia. Its beauty admired all over Europe. The best master cabinetmakers have come to admire the beauty of the Palace parquet in St. Petersburg from Italy. Many of them tried to reveal the secret, but to no avail.

Today, the technology of production of artistic parquet is much improved and became affordable even for buyers with average incomes. You can verify this by going to any online shop flooring and choosing the category «parquet». Of course, it is much more expensive than the cheapest piece of flooring, but beautiful art parquet you are unlikely to find anything.

Artistic parquet is a highly artistic form of flooring, which can be compared to a work of art. It perfectly complement the classic interior of the apartment, as well as more modern styles. Usually, this flooring is made to order, according to individual drawings of artists or designers.

Parquet in the interior 3 (700x469, 144Kb)

When ordering artistic parquet, you get not just wondrous beauty of the floor, but also warm environmentally friendly coating, which is characterized by high reliability and durability. Today for this flooring are not only trees, coniferous and mixed forests, but also tropical (bamboo and mahogany). This allows you to make traditional drawings of new elements and colors.

Parquet in the interior 5 (700x525, 160Kb)

The care of parquet

How to care for parquet? Like any other flooring, it must be removed with a vacuum cleaner (not detergent) or a broom. Try not to pour too much water when cleaning and just wipe with a damp cloth. Remember that the enemy of parquet is to sand and other abrasives. They can scratch the flooring and damage the protective lacquer. To walk on the parquet it is recommended that a soft Shoe without a heel. protect the flooring from Pets whose claws are not in any way contribute to its longevity.

Remember that for artistic parquet is the perfect environment is dry and ventilated room with a humidity of 40-60%. At lower humidity (in winter) the flooring can crack, while improving – Slough. To restore the original appearance of your artistic flooring, you can use a special mastic in turpentine or a water-soluble base or other special means for the care of parquet. To remove stains from the parquet can with a cloth soaked in alcohol or benzine.

Parquet in the interior 6 (700x470, 114Kb)

Parquet in the interior 7 (700x525, 107Kb)

Parquet in the interior 4 (436x700, 338Kb)

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Parquet in the interior 15 (571x700, 140Kb)

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