Paronite — quality sealant

Quality sealant 1

PBX acts as a sealant of vulcanized rubber and reinforced with asbestos fibers. Its main property is high temperature resistance and good resistance to the effects of oil fractions and other substances. Speaking of sheet paronite, it should be noted that it is well chopped, punched, and cut into strips of the required size. That is why in recent times medicines has become so popular in the production of rebar average diameter.

Paronite is the best sealant that is used for detachable connections. It has lots of advantages, among which to allocate the following:

  • a large range of working environment;
  • high elasticity;
  • fluidity;

Key features

Even if the sheet paronite will be stored for a long period of time, then you should not worry about what it is deformed. The fact that this material does not constitute a favorable environment for the development of fungi and bacteria. It can be used in many climatic zones. Buying toys, be sure to check its quality. It is very simple, just bend the sheet, it should not crack or break.

If you are interested in paronit PON, it is easy to purchase on the company website. Nowadays, most shopping happens online, because it is not only convenient and fast, but also have a good opportunity to save. The site presents the highest quality material, which is a reasonable price.


If you want to buy graphite stuffing box, then it can be done right here on the website of the company. This material is available not only wholesale but also retail. The company offers favourable conditions of cooperation, so the price is always reasonable. In the catalog, gland packing, there are several types and labeling so everyone can choose for themselves the best option. Tightening in recent years has become very popular as it proved to be excellent when working in aggressive environment at high temperatures, where it is used as a filler cameras seals. It can also be used as gasket for gate valve or the pump.

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