Pareo is the most practical beach women’s accessory

Pareo is the most practical beach women's accessory

Pareo is the most practical beach women’s accessory! A beach vacation is one of the most popular activities among tourists. And, of course, every woman wants to look stunning on vacation. But what if the body has «problem areas», which emphasizes open swimwear? In such cases, help practical beach accessory – beach pareo!

Today, a pareo for the beach is very popular, but because it is easy to imagine what it looks like: an ordinary piece of cloth, usually made of light material that wraps around the body and tied in different ways.

How to choose beautiful shawls

Since most summer pareo to wear over your swimsuit, it is important to AngelDeMar swimsuit and pareo combined, both in color and in pattern. In stores you can find huge number of such shawls. Most often, the swimsuit is sold in a kit with a pair, it saves time. It is equally important to choose the right fabric. Beach robe made of silk, Voile, nylon, thin cotton, crepe and other light fabrics. It is obvious that the scarves made from natural materials are more expensive, but they should pay attention: in hot weather wear synthetic matter frustrating and sometimes even unhealthy.

When selecting a pair it is impossible to forget and about its size. Small square pieces of 90 x 90 cm can be worn as tops and bustier, square pieces 110 x 110 cm suitable for spacious tops and skirts. Rectangular versions of different sizes – blouses and dresses, tops, skirts, draping, similar to jumpsuits and so on. Something like a Sari, the traditional women’s Indian costume can be made from a handkerchief the size of 110 x 300 cm

To sew a pareo with your hands

The pareo scarf is easy to sew yourself, because all you need is a piece of draped fabric (e.g., chiffon, Voile, Georgette). From matter to cut a piece of the desired size, depending on individual body composition and how you want to wear this pareo.

The history of the emergence pareo

Pareos can also be used as a scarf or stole, but at first it was part of the beach women’s costume was the clothing for the hot climate. For the first time this item of clothing originated in French Polynesia and in Tahiti, but only in the 19th century the girls in this beach clothes appeared on the canvases of Paul Gauguin. In Europe and America this accessory to wear in the middle of the last century, since that time the number wishing to relax on the Islands has increased significantly.

Therefore, the pareo is an essential thing in every woman’s wardrobe. It doesn’t take up much space and can be transformed from top to dress, dress – skirt, and skirts even in the unique beach bag. You just need to dream, and then the accessory will always be a new use!

How to tie pareo

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