Panels of ceramic tiles: do their hands!

Panels of ceramic tiles: do their hands!

Interior ceramic tiles – the material is not only beautiful but also practical: it has long service life, easy to clean and suitable for business premises. In the sale there are many varieties of wall and floor tiles, but there is a way to diversify the interior panels of tiles.

Their hands

Such panels you can buy ready-made in specialized workshops, this approach saves a lot of time and effort. However, if the panels of granite or tile for you, not only a way to decorate the room, but also an act of creativity, you can make yourself. For this you need to select an appropriate motif, scale it and get to work.

In the manufacture of panels should follow these recommendations:

  • to choose the right tile colors must be different, but in harmony with each other, the texture to be suitable, in addition, all of the selected tile should be the same thickness;
  • before you start, you should make a layout pattern, apply the contour;
  • the tiles must be carefully divided into segments of mosaic: it can be done with a special tool or cutter, or simply break the tiles into small pieces (this must be done carefully);
  • after cutting the tiles should be treated with a large sandpaper to smooth out the bumps and Polish;
  • complete the contour tile mosaic, make sure of the harmony of the picture and only after that glue the fragments one after the other.

If the algorithm implementation seems too tedious, request a panel from the master or limited printing. Specialized decals for ceramics can simulate any figure or ornament in mosaic tile.

The finished panel should be dried and treat the joints with grout: this will give the product a finished look, make it more neat and durable. Optionally, the tiles can be painted so the seams long darken and panels will keep the original shape.

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