Paneling — how to change to insulate the balcony?

Paneling - how to change to insulate the balcony?

Wall paneling – one of the most common materials that is ideal for covering balconies. This material has many advantages that allows it to stand out from the competition. Such sheathing Board does not go to any comparison with plastic. The wooden paneling firmly withstand any ingress of the sun on its surface unlike plastic.

The secret of popularity of lining

In hot weather, the balconies, decorated with plastic, heated and felt persistent smell of molten material, which undoubtedly harms the body. Siding is considered an environmentally friendly material, which also provides good insulation. This means that in winter you can not worry, because the balcony will be warm enough. Thanks to these qualities, the lining is considerably better than plastic, and an increasing number of people want to decorate your balcony this material.

How to sheathe clapboard balcony?

The machining process is not complicated. It’s enough to have some skills in repair, and of course, a little patience and positive energy, which does not allow to give up to difficulties that arise. If there is confidence in the success of the planned enterprise will only have to begin and sheathing balconies lining will be done.

First of all, on the balcony need to attach slats of wood, which are the basis for treatment. They look like long bars with a rectangular cross section. They are fixed around the perimeter of bars: top, bottom and in the middle. This stage is the most important because it determines how long the whole structure will hold. The lining should start to collect: pin the first Board is inserted in another Board, before this they already should be fixed on the rails on the wall.

Further there is a casing lining the inside of the balcony. You need to check that the lining were evenly distributed over all the walls of the balcony. You can’t leave any piece of open space. The slats are arranged relative to the ceiling strictly parallel. Using a pencil and level must be clearly and exactly to draw the line for the correct anchoring of the rails. The line should be built so that the rails fit tightly to the cover.

Balcony insulated lining

If in addition to the aesthetic appeal you want to make a balcony of an apartment in the cold season, then you have to lay the necessary layer of material between the wall and paneling. With regard to this material, it may be polystyrene foam, which outperforms the foam. Fixed it with all those rails, just the cross. The paneling of the balcony starts off the corner. First Board should be fixed in the corner so that it fits snugly against the wall. Part of the Board with a groove to guide to the wall with which it all began. It will be the basis for the other boards. Below the rails were fastened securely, it is desirable to take the decorative screws. As they are also good camouflage, and high-quality material.

Headsets are equipped with Windows, will take much less time and will have to work with short boards, the length of which is equal to the distance from the window to the floor. We must begin also with nailing two strips, one placed under the window, the other near the floor.

When all of these tasks, work on covering the balcony can be considered complete. Will only enjoy the benefits of their labor.

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