Pajamas and its history

Modern people are so accustomed to the many benefits and often ignores the surrounding world’s beauty, simplicity, originality and functionality of things. But all this is a long story, a thousand discoveries and innovations. Was no exception and pajamas.

It is hard to imagine modern living without clothes for sleep and rest, and more interesting to make a journey in the history of pajamas.

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First clothes for sleep and rest

First clothes people find themselves in the natural environment. Everything that came to hand: the bark and leaves of trees, straw, feathers – people were turned into clothes. Among primitive people clothing served a protective function – it protects from the sun, wind, rain, cold. For ancient man clothing had magical properties wrapping at a certain skin, for example, he wanted to ward off evil spirits. During the ice age man had to wear fur to stay warm. The skins are first cleaned, then in the skin pierced holes. Strips of skin or tendons of animals were put through these holes to tie the pieces of fur to each other so that the clothes stayed on the human body.

The first invention for sewing

Gradually, people learned to make more soft and flexible clothing. About 40 – 50 thousand years ago people invented the first needle from the fish bones. Since then, needle has become the main tool for sewing clothes.

The first tissue

Later people learned how to twist wool and animal hair in long strands. The Egyptians wove easy matter from flax and cotton that grew in the Nile valley. Wool spun for making tunics and chitons of the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans. In the noble lines of the tunics and coats embodied the taste of the ancient Greeks, the desire to enhance the beauty of the human body pleated dress. The Romans inherited them from the simplicity and convenience of the clothes, its natural grace. However, Roman slaves and commoners clothes were made of coarse brown or black fur. In ancient times, clothing was used not only for the protection and decoration but also emphasized the inequality of men.

It should be noted that rubacuori clothing of the ancients was worn directly on the body and simultaneously performs the function of clothing.

According to historical data, over the 5 – 6 thousand years B. E. appeared first looms. People learned to make fabrics – it was, perhaps, the most important moment in the history of clothing. Since weaving began to be seen as a craft and creativity created clothing as a way of expression. On fabrics, their colours, the cut of clothes we can guess the features of the time, to determine the taste of the people who created them, the lifestyle of those who wore them.

Weaving and weaving

In the 13th century the new and greatest achievement of mankind was the mechanical loom. This invention leads to the formation of manufactories. Later, in the 18th century, the machines begin to work with the engine – began the era of automation. There are factories and factories. Weaving a thing of the past, replaced by weaving.

The history of the night shirt

In the middle ages among the upper classes there is a tendency to wear under the dress a more subtle under clothing. At the same time, textile producers offered night shirts and caps. To wear clothes for the night made the cold nights. Therefore, the first nightgown was a repetition of «day» shirts, that is, underwear that men wore under the robe. Shirt to sleep were of different lengths: ankle, mid-calf or knee, with a round collar and side slits. The caps also served to retain heat during sleep. Until the mid-19th century, the caps were also the subject of toilet for home use to going outside men could not wear fashionable at the time wigs and to do only the hood. With the invention of sleepwear nighties have become very women’s night clothes.

The history of pajamas

In Europe sleepwear replaced the nightgowns in the 1880 — ies. Fashion new night clothes for men introduced by the Indian sellers. In India itself by this time pajamas were used by both men and women for several centuries. The first attempt to teach the Europeans to the pajamas were made by a French traveler. In the early seventeenth century he returned from Goa, a former Portuguese colony located on the beautiful Indian coast, and brought back the pajamas. But a few innovation had in mind. Mention of pajamas that were found only in the history of Portugal.

Initially, pajamas was exclusively male clothing, but since the beginning of 1920 – ies became fashionable part of women’s wardrobe. In the mid 1920-ies in the production and sale of pajamas had reached epic proportions. This was mostly caused by a symbol of French fashion Gabrielle Chanel, the first women dressed in men’s trousers and pajamas. For many nightwear has become a comfortable home clothes. And for some the evening in pajamas and I even went to the restaurants and cabarets. It then appeared a variety of styles colors and materials from which they are made today. Choose pyjamas in taste, you can go to the manufacturers website, which presents all the diversity of their species.

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