Paintball — a war without victims

Paintball - a war without victims

Paintball is a dynamic form of outdoor recreation. It is interesting because you can play it and everyone can, because there are no restrictions on age, sex or fitness level. You need only one thing – the desire to move, to adrenaline and fun.

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Paintball, the story of the game and its principles

Paintball is a relatively new sport. The leader of the world Peynbol is considered to be the United States. In Europe it is not as popular as in our country only grows.

During the game the two teams starting from opposite bases, strive to hit the highest players of the opposing team. Shooting with markers that are loaded with paint balls. When you hit the ball bursts and leaves a form on the spot. Then, it is believed that the player was eliminated. The game takes place on dedicated sites or in the woods or in abandoned buildings.

It is worth noting that a paintball is a safe game, evidenced by indices of risk, use abroad of the insurance company. It gives the player the opportunity to relieve stress and aggression in the game with simple rules. And the adrenaline, which is released after the play causes any negative emotions.

Paintball is one of the best ways to celebrate birthdays, corporate parties or just an active rest with friends.

In Ukraine, it appeared in 1994, and since 1995 have started to hold competitions. Then was founded the Federation of a paintball of Ukraine, today there are more and Association and the development Fund of paintball. Also well developed paintball in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Paintball is one sport that has various versions about his place and date of birth. So there are different stories about its origin.

So, according to the first, it seems to us very plausible, this game was invented not as entertainment but as a means to exercise harsh commandos of the CIA. For these trainings was developed by the items as accurately resembled military weapons by type, weight, speed and range. Shooting each other and not risking life, intelligence officers, trained marksmanship, worked on various military operations.

The second version deserves the name «legendary». So, friends yourself three Americans – Charles Gaines, and stockbroker from new York, Robert Garnet, the owner of a ski shop and Hayes Noel. Few years the three spent in disputes about what makes a person survive animal instincts or mind. And finally, one of them accidentally discovered in the farm journal the announcement of the sale of a dye gun for marking cattle. This gun savvy Americans used in their trials. Thus was born the game, which is now called paintball.

A popular version of the birth of paintball

Paintball says that it all started about 20 years ago in North America. So, the Americans Texas or perhaps some other state decided that the guns with which farmers mark cattle on the ranch are used not on purpose. The descendants of those Americans who grew up with guns in hand, was not quite understand the situation where you need to aim at the horse, not the man. And one of these cowboys decided to hunt on the virtual villains, and their own kind. So there was gambling and exciting game – paintball.

Modern paintball has virtually no competitors in its field. Of the worthy can be called only laser tag in Saint-Petersburg and other cities, however, the game is played indoors and not as realistic as paintball.

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