Pablo Picasso and his work



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Today begins publication of all the art works of Picasso, I have almost all of his work, ranging from 1901 to 1909. Published they are the divided parts of the periods (years) Found in almost all of his work with original signatures.

As of the publication of his works I will write a short summary of his biography, I hope that you will be interested to read and look at work. Go.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (Spanish Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 25 October 1881, málaga, Spain — 8 April 1973, Mougins, France) full name Pablo Diego josé Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno maría de Los Remedios Cipriano de La Santísima Trinidad martir Patricio Ruiz Picasso (Spanish Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Decorated in a European Martyr Patricio Ruíz y Picasso) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, draughtsman, ceramist and designer.

Founder of cubism (jointly with Georges Braque), in which the three-plane body in an original manner were drawn as the number of combined planes. Picasso worked as a graphic artist, sculptor, ceramist, etc. brought to life a lot of imitators and had an exceptional impact on the development of art in the XXth century.

First job

Picasso began to draw since childhood, the first lessons of artistic skill, Picasso received from his father — teacher of drawing J. Ruiz, and soon possessed it in perfection. In 8 years, he draws his first major oil painting, the Picador, with which he never parted throughout their lives.

Picasso went to art school in La Coruna (1894-1895). In 1895 he entered the school of fine arts in Barcelona. First, he signed his name Ruiz Blasco father, but then chooses her mother’s name-Picasso. In September 1897 he went to Madrid, where in October a competition is held at the Academy of San Fernando.

Picasso returned to Barcelona in June 1898, where he enters into society «Els Quatre Gats» the Bohemian café with round tables on artistic themes. In this cafe held his first exhibition. In Barcelona, he became friendly with their future friends Carlos Casagemas and Jaime Sabartès.


Picasso Arlequin accoude. 1901. 82.8×61.3 cm. Oil on canvaPicasso Autoportrait ‘Yo Picasso’. 1901. 73.5 x 60.5 cm. OilPicasso Buveur de l’absinthe. 1901. 65.8×50.8 cm. Oil on cPicasso Couple voyant. 1901. 18 x 11.5 cm. India ink & waterPicasso Courtisane au collier de gemmes. 1901. 65.3×54.5 Picasso Evocation (L enterrement de Casagemas). 1901.

Picasso Femme au chapeau a plumes. 1901. 46.7×38.3 cm. Oil

Picasso Femme avec chignon. 1901. 75×51 cm. Oil on canvas..jpg

Picasso Femme avec une cigarette. 1901. 73×49.5 cm. Oil on

Picasso Femme dans une cape. 1901. 73×50 cm. Oil on canvasPicasso Femme assise dans vert. 1901. 17.5×11.5 cm. IndiaPicasso Femme en bleu. 1901. 133.5×101 cm. Oil on canvas

Picasso Femme sort du bain. 1901. 46.3×33 cm. Oil on canva

Picasso Jeanne (Nu couche). 1901. 70.5 x 90.2 cm. Oil on can

Picasso La Bassin des Tuileries. 1901. Unknown. Oil on cardb

Picasso La chambre bleu (Le tub). 1901. 50.8×62 cm. Oil on

Picasso La diseuse. 1901. 47×30 cm. Black & pastel on p

Picasso La Madrilene (Tete de jeune femme). 1901. 52×33 cm

Picasso La mort de Casagemas (C. dans son cercueil). 1901.

Picasso La mort de Casagemas. 1901. 27×35 cm. Oil on wood.

Picasso, Le gourmet (Le gourmand). 1901. 90.2×68.3 cm. Oil


Picasso, Le Roi Soleil. 1901. 52×34 cm. Oil on cardboard.

Picasso, Le suicide (Casagemas). 1901. 52×34 cm. Oil on carPicasso Les deux saltimbanques (Arlequin et sa compagne). 19.

Picasso Picasso avec partenaire. 1901. 17.3×13 cm. Ink

Picasso Pierreuse, la main sur l epaule. 1901. 69.5×57 cm.

Picasso Portrait de Jaime Sabartes (Le bock). 1901. 82×66 cm

Picasso Portrait de Jaime Sabartes. 1901. 46×38 cm. Oil on

Picasso Portrait de Mateu Fernandez de Soto. 1901. 45×37 cmPicasso Portrait de Pedro Manach NG Washington detaljPicasso Profil d ‘ une jeune femme (fille avec fleur rouge)Picasso Sada Yacco. 1901. 40 x 31 cm. India ink & Gouache

Picasso Tete de femme. 1901. 46.7 x 31.5 cm Oil on cardboar


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