Old Hobbies — hunting

Old Hobbies - hunting

Hunting is one of the oldest men’s hobby. Like thousands of years ago, trains, to extract and kill game is still here, and has acquired more than a tinge of leisure and sport. In fact, a professional hunting very difficult exercise that requires not only physical training but also mental skills.

Where should you start?

The first thing to do is to decide on the budget. Hunting is quite expensive to do. You need to purchase equipment. This includes:

  • hunting suit, summer or winter. It needs to be waterproof buttons or locks;
  • leather shoes comfortable sole naturally waterproof. Also it can high waders;
  • hunting knife;
  • mount for game, to not drag in the hands;
  • bag.

With the choice of guns can wait. Experienced hunters suggest not to take the rifle on the first hunt. Main goal will be to listen carefully and observe what happens. To make conclusions for themselves, if you can pull the trigger, read safety precautions and pay attention to extra parts of your equipment. To decide what animals to hunt. Then you can choose the type of guns and ammunition.

Choosing a hunting rifle

Before you buy a gun, you must obtain a permit. Contact the local police precinct. It will be necessary to execute documents for the storage and carrying of weapons. It may take some time. Once you got all the documentation for the weapon, you need to do the hunting ticket and a license to shoot. The ticket has no expiration date. It’s completely free and should take no more than five working days.

Safety on hunting

You must take the exam on hunting minimum. There is a separate book, «hunting regulations», each country is treated differently. Also, «hunting regulations», «the Basics of the animal world». All you will be able to find online or in the book market. Submitting the documents and passing the exams, wait for the license.

During this time, decide where you will be hunting. Refer to experienced hunters with the experience, which would at least watch. Through the Internet you can find community and to negotiate away. Also, get a safety Deposit box for a hunting rifle. In some countries, the law stipulates that weapons and ammunition must be stored in a safe for weapons. This will protect you and others from unnecessary troubles. Reduce the likelihood of falling into the wrong hands, you carry over your weapons full responsibility, first and foremost, will demand with you. Remember, safety first!

Gain experience, you can buy your rifles optical sights. Despite the fact that professionals love to shoot offhand, without a good sight is almost impossible to hunt fur-bearing animals and large predators.

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