Non-standard layout of the plots in landscape design

Non-standard layout of the plots in landscape design

Non-standard layout of the plots in landscape design is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks. Most people are starting to plan on a plot of irregular shape, usually clutching his head, not knowing where to start. But this is not a problem. On the contrary, they give flight to your imagination and contributes to the fulfillment of original ideas and the most daring design decisions on the plot.

We’ve learned that we are surrounded by straight lines and strict shapes, so, seeing that the plot differs from the usual forms, we begin to think, got another problem, and not a quiet place for a great stay. It is not so. The main difficulty may arise in the measurement of area of irregular shape. This will help you to aerial photography. Today it can be done with quadcopters.

The layout of the site practically will not differ, only need to consider its small features. An important role is played by the size of a plot of land that you have. The larger the area, the freer will be the flight of creative thought. With small plots of irregular shape complexity will be only in the placement of buildings, other issues will not be difficult.

Start planning area of irregular shape

A starting point for discussion, we must first select the purpose area. It will be the usual country house with long beds of carrots, onions and cucumbers, or a cozy sitting area where you can break a beautiful garden, have a plunge pool and even a Playground for children to play.

The next thing you must pay attention to the quality of the site. To determine the need to evaluate the complexity of the terrain, changes in levels, distance from forest and water bodies. The quality is influenced by the presence of ditches, cliffs, overgrown with unwanted bushes and unnecessary structures. This is a very important moment such as visual inspection sometimes reveals things that you never even noticed on the site.

Of great importance in planning is the topography of the site. Classic version – smooth area. It can be easy to build structures and implement the ideas in terms of styling. The presence of gradients will create certain problems. In this case you will need to solve the issue with groundwater, which in some cases may lead to trouble. But worst of all is the relief station. Here, it’s hardly possible to do without geoplastics, leveling and backfilling. Importantly, a similar plot was not too steep. Otherwise, it will only worsen the situation.

An equally important role to play in planning the properties and the quality of the soil. It determines not only what can be put on your land allotment, but also how to build. Soil quality largely determine the type of Foundation and the massiveness of the structure.

The planning stages of a custom site

First, as a rule, the house is built. Under it creates the whole project of landscape design. Place for the construction will again depend on the form of non-standard plot. If it has a circular shape, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to build a house in the center. Better to shift it to one of the edges to the façade of the building took place on a diametrical line.

The location of the country building on l-shaped plot is not difficult. Usually she is offered a place in the short and wide branch. If you are the owner of the U-shaped plot, which in itself is a rarity, the output you have one – place residential building in its upper part, and long branches to leave for the development of the landscape.

Landscaped plot of irregular shape to handle is quite simple. However, it is best to do when identified all the buildings on the site and determined its General plan. Getting started landscape design, it is necessary to consider all features of the site, its topography and problem areas and do not forget to determine the plants. And, most importantly, you need to consider the fencing of the site and do not forget to make it into the General plan.

Getting started remember, the layout of the site of irregular shape – no problem. It’s just another opportunity to implement your ideas.

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