My sweet perfect home

My sweet perfect home

Every person wants his house or apartment is fully consistent with his ideas about the perfect home. But to decide such a seemingly simple question is not always a virtue. Because it needs not only to clearly describe their ideas, but also have the skills of a designer, Builder, etc.

How to create a project design

To think of the future interior should be carefully, considering every detail. And provide these details without experience is difficult. It is better to contact the organization that offers professional decorating living spaces. This will avoid embarrassing mistakes.

The initial stages of the design

  1. Choose your desired style of interior.
  2. To find out the appropriate lifestyle of the residents of the chosen style.
  3. To determine compliance with the existing layout of the premises stylistic direction, if necessary, the design of the redevelopment.
  4. To determine the location of future utilities: electric wiring, sockets, gas pipes, heating systems, plumbing and sanitation, telephone and Internet cables, etc.
  5. Take into account the degree of natural lighting for proper location of lighting, selection of their type and capacity, not forgetting stylistic affiliation.

In the final stages of design

It is here that every detail carries stylistic load.

  1. Selection of the necessary construction and finishing materials taking into account the practicality, reliability, environmental friendliness and optimal price. You would need to understand them, keep track of new offers of manufacturers, to know where and what to buy.
  2. To select high-quality household appliances, which matches the owners ‘ lifestyle and style of the future interior.
  3. The choice of furniture. There should be a clear link to the selected style in the design. It correctly selected furniture half-defines the stylistic direction of the interior.
  4. Decorate the room. To achieve perfection you must get every detail right. Properly selected textiles, and accessories make up the second half of the stylistic direction.
  5. To consider the need for landscaping of the premises. Here you need to consider the tastes of residents and the availability of appropriate conditions for the plants.

Able to consider all points that are quite difficult. Because it needs a large amount of knowledge in various fields and experience. The presence of «taste» is just as important. Without this, you can create the perfect home, and tasteless decorated room, resembling a warehouse.

Literate drafted and a clear phased implementation it will allow you to get the desired result.

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