Music of your heart — the impact of music and sound on human

Music of your heart - the impact of music and sound on human

What could be better than waking up to the sound of music? This may be as notes of classical music by Bach, Beethoven, and contemporary music styles. Agree, if this is how you start your day, it will be destined for success! Music is able to awaken in man the lucid thoughts and feelings that he couldn’t even imagine. What kind of music a person listens to depends on his inner state and mood. For example, people who prefer classical music, will feel much calmer and relaxed than a lover. And those who prefer funny, cheerful music, is to look differently at the world, in contrast to the more pessimistic fan of the genre.

In music, as you have already noticed, there is a wide variety of genres. When you come to our time, they are becoming more and more, therefore, to enumerate all styles of music very difficult. A large share of the genres you can find on special music sites or stores that sell everything for collectors of music from a modern CD from old vinyl records.

Every musical composition bears certain energy, be it positive, negative. Therefore, you should pay more attention to such seemingly conventional art.

It has long been proven by scientists that music can cure a person, and destroy. An example of this is the study Tarkhanov, V. G., who proved that a harmonious, positive music is a positive influence on the activity of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Some young moms give to listen to your unborn child classical music. And what are the results you ask. And the results surprise you! The kids who listened to classical music in the womb are different from other children. In the first indicators of adaptability to the environment is much higher than the second. That fortunate in their future activities.

Different types of music tend to directly affect brain activity. Research scientists plunged the world into shock. David Elkin found that rock music contributes to the folding of the protein, shown on a rock concert, where over 3 hours of music egg welded soft-boiled. People who love rock music are known for a certain irritability, a manifestation of anger due to the negative influence of music on people.

In the modern world you can often find people who never want to part with the music, they are constantly in your headphones constantly in his music world. And it is very difficult not to be influenced one way or another music. Ju Shin said on this occasion that: «Nothing changes the manners and customs of the people as music», so you should more seriously approach the choice of music you listen to.

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