Music camp «Rio» for children and adolescents

Music camp Rio

Camp for children with a music program invites you on summer vacation, young music lovers and vocals.

Music camp Rio

The area of musical creativity

In the early years the need for music felt by many. Very often the children will have the desire to learn to sing, learn guitar, piano, accordion or other musical instrument. Sometimes this desire grows into associated with the music profession, sometimes it remains a hobby. But more often it passes unnoticed. After all, the love of music is one of the great opportunities for the development of the human personality, for self-implementation of discoveries in themselves and in the world.

To help children realize their musical dreams aims at children’s health camp «Rio».

Program music camp

For all of you who choose to have a vacation music camp for children, summer 2014 offers:

  • Vocal lessons (voice, choice of repertoire, participation in show programs, musicals)
  • Lessons of modern dance
  • Video shoot
  • Classes in acting
  • Sports games, pool, fitness
  • Entertainment

Every change in the camp concludes with a gala concert, which is attended by representatives of all camps of the project «Academy of stars» (dance camp «Five stars» fitness camp «Maximum», etc.). Children have the opportunity to show all your achievements, relive the exciting moments on stage, gain invaluable experience of playing in front of an audience.

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