Museum of London Harry Potter

Museum of London Harry Potter

In the early 21st century, the world was swept by a wave of strange books about the adventures of a boy wizard and his friends. The famous series of books about «Harry Potter» has given mankind the English writer J. K. Rowling. Her books have become real masterpieces, involved in your fantasy world and adults and children. The London Museum Harry Potter has become a place where you can in reality to plunge into the atmosphere of the book.

The story of the Museum of Harry Potter

Enterprising filmmakers decided to perpetuate the memory of the great magician, the transfer of events from the books to the screen. All the movies of Harry Potter were filmed in the halls of Warner Brothers Studio in the London suburb of Listen.

In 2012, the Studio has delighted its audience, turning the territory filming of Harry Potter in a Museum for everyone. For fans of science fiction it was a Grand event. They finally were able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of magic which he learned from the movies and books.

The Museum occupies two large halls and open area. All elements and decorations that were used in the filming of the movie, presented in the Museum. Of course, it would be great if we had the opportunity to look at all the premises of the Museum via a webcam, here, but, unfortunately, it will have to go to London.

The exhibits of the Museum

Chess fans expected huge figures, which played its best game each Potter Ron Weasley. The famous magic school Hogwarts represented in the Museum in the form of a large layout, about 2.5 meters tall. It is the layout, not the present building, used in the film. In the halls full of paintings, portraits, models, wax figures, ugly monsters, all sorts of masks and magic items.

Lovers of sci-Fi novel can go Gryffindor, look at the potters and to honor Professor Dumbledore in his office. In the great hall tables for all four faculties and visitors are allowed to sit for any of them.

The world of magic you can not only admire, but also a little to participate in it. Interactive objects allow you to take a virtual walk on a broom or to take part in knitting from Mrs. Weasley, remotely controlling her magic knitting needles. From the regular exhibits are «a little bit not very direct bridge to Hogwarts», which should go from beginning to end.

Museum staff reveal to the audience the secrets of shooting. The use of special effects drives the talking paintings on the walls. House, bus, flat street with lots of shops, when using computer graphics, illusory turn into a normal city street. Modern cinematic tools allow you to make a flat three-dimensional image.

To complete the journey in cafes, tasting butterbeer and a chocolate frog filled with surprise.

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