Museba — a gift to all music lovers

Museba - a gift to all music lovers


Museba – a gift to all music lovers

Museba - a gift to all music lovers

Museba is a new free music search engine, where every music lover can find, download and listen to your favorite songs, songs and albums. Easy to use interface in a minimalist style, a very easy to use, easy on the eyes and not annoying Intrusive ads that often pop up on many modern sites dedicated to music. Museba allows you to find not only your favorite music but also provides information about the artist, his photographs, images of album covers, and even some lyrics. a flexible system of creation of playlists allows a few clicks to combine multiple songs and add to playlist of the whole album or radio station. By the way, MySabre you can also listen to your favorite radio stations!

Muzebra is a very convenient free search engine music

In order to find and download free music on MySabre you will need to create an account (a user account in other words). You can do it the old-fashioned way, using username and password or using one of their accounts of the most popular social networks, Gmail or OpenAPI. Registration does not take much time and is intended primarily to identify you in the system. After registering, you become a full user with all the possibilities. For those who want to thank the developers of the service Museba it is possible to improve your account to Premium which gives you the ability to export playlists, upload their files and receive notifications about changes on the website. Enhanced account you can get by donating any amount for the benefit of developers. A very democratic move!

I think you will enjoy this modest new year’s gift!

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