Movies about music and musicians

Movies about music and musicians

Movies about music and musicians shoot quite rare. In this article we are not talking about documentaries and compilations, and art. Paintings based on real events that exclusively feature films – in General, anything related to music, shows a different side of a musician’s life tells us about the importance of the ability to listen and hear music.

«Crossroads«, 1986. The main character is a boy who is studying in the classical school guitar class, but dreams of playing the Blues. A devoted fan of Robert Johnson, he has information that on the last album supposedly missing the last song. Since Johnson was killed long ago, the only one who can know about this song – his friend Willie that is in the hospital for the elderly. Our protagonist helps him escape in exchange for that old bluesman will reveal to him the secret last song. And he, after long wanderings and adventures opens the last song no, but you can write it. The boy goes from a young fan-imitator to person who learned to feel your instrument, feel the music, hear it in yourself.

«Hysteria: the Def Leppard story«, 2001. The tape, filmed on the biography of the British band Def Leppard, is based on real events. Some scholars of the history of this group, of course, find several historical inaccuracies, but they can forgive the writers and Directors because they are introduced sufficiently far from the music of the street with the joys and working life representatives of creative professions give you an idea of what it looks like from within the group. After a magical show – it is only one side of the coin… we should highlight the story of drummer Rick Allen lost his arm after a car accident, but did not abandon music. A good lesson for those who does not know that the man chooses to be different limited.

«Yellow submarine«, 1968. The cartoon, loosely based on the creativity of The Beatles. Country Pepperland lives, knowing neither trouble or sorrow. All smile, enjoy life and listen to music performed by a local orchestra. It is not harmful like the Blue Meanies, who hate music, so invade the peace Pepperland and freeze everyone, including musicians. To save the country, just need to begin to play music. Miracle uvernuvshis from attack Blue Zlyuchek young Fred gets into a yellow submarine and goes for help, which is represented by The Beatles. John, Paul, George and Ringo defrost Pepperland, playing musical instruments and singing love and peace. A bit naive, but no less good cartoon directly alludes to the fact that is made from the soul music can melt even the coldest heart.

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