Movie Comedy — the hardest genre in cinema

Comedy is the hardest genre in cinema

Movie Comedy bears the full understanding that many problems in life are ridiculous, and sometimes people, as well as the film characters do not notice. However, initially the Comedy drama genre, which can be ridiculed complex human relationships that make smiling to crying. Comedy is a difficult genre in film, because unfunny Comedy, look very silly and sometimes even scary.

Undoubtedly the story of the movie is steeped in comic strips, with deep dramatic overtones, such as the Comedy «Life is beautiful» (1997) with Roberto Benigni in the title role. The plot flows like a fun game in which I played the main character with his son.

Another masterpiece also shot, Roberto Benigni, old Comedy film «Monster» (1994), the hero is harmless employee of the store who accidentally falls under suspicion of murder. The film is very funny and really shows the ironic story of how to match life’s circumstances.

Considering foreign Comedy, highlight of the American movie «How to lose a guy in 10 days» (2003), which shows that sometimes people mocking and poking fun of each other, pursue their goals, and eventually find their destiny.

A unique Comedy that has become a trilogy of «the Hangover» (2009), tells how to look for funny people, randomly calculated not drunk alcohol and was in a cycle of unpleasant events. Funny and sad that it is so. The film was a huge success around the world and even won several awards.

Talking about the best comedies, who can forget the famous comedians. The king of modern comedies Jim Carrey has played in more than twenty Comedy films, many of which were with dramatic overtones. The images of Kerry’s unique and frighteningly funny, they teach us to be ourselves, even if others think it’s crazy.

In 2013 came a lot of comedies, but many failed at the box office, however, there are films deserve the attention of the viewer, for example the new Comedy «pretend Engagement» in good quality and with a great story, would recommend to enjoy browsing and perhaps find the answers to their questions.

To remove funny Comedy is extremely difficult, it requires talent, so many films do not achieve proper success. Comedy taught not to give up in difficult times, believe in your dream and be able to laugh at yourself.

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